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The Yoga Forest is perfectly situated to hold space for rest, relaxation, communion with Nature, nourishment of body-mind-spirit, creative inspiration, and deep transformational work. Nestled in a permaculture food forest, amidst the volcanoes of Lake Atitlan, with an epic view - The Yoga Forest is built upon integrity, love, and respect for Mother Nature’s rhythms. It is felt in every detail. I’ve been back twice for retreat experiences (Release & Manifest / Sound Ceremony Training), and also spent some days there in personal retreat. While the steep footpath up the hills from San Marcos, compost toilets, outdoor shower, and absence of wifi and electricity in the accommodations may deter some from visiting the Forest - for me it was the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the busyness of modern life, and reconnect with the deep wisdom of the forest. I feel lovingly held here, but not coddled. The perfect blend of cozy comforts and spaciousness to step outside of my comfort zones. Oh, and the food - deliciously plant-powered nutrition! Yum! I can’t wait to return!
— Stephanie Kittell, Guest
“I love TYF!!! Thanks for everything! Such a beautiful space with an incredible energy to learn about Permaculture and further my yoga practice. You will be missed! Shanti shanti!”
— Mickey Myers, Guest
“I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to spend my time at your magical Yoga Forest Hayley. I have gained so much by being here and for that, this will always be a special place for me. Love you lots.”
— Ian Ruta, Intern
“Deep gratitude for allowing me to share and co-create my beautiful experience here.
I was seeking a place to ground myself, learn and connect. All of these aspects came to fruition. I feel connected to the land, the project and all the wonderful people living and passing through. I feel like a divine flower who has set down strong roots but is transplanting herself into the world, yet will return to her nursery bed one day.”
— Carolina, Intern
“Thank you Hayley and the team for everything. The Yoga Forest is a very special place, made with love and beautifully cared for, it was a real joy to spend a few days here. I will definitely be returning at some point in the future. I really enjoyed the Permaculture talks- very inspiring, and wonderful to have yoga first thing in the morning. All the meals were outstanding, and special thanks to the ladies in the kitchen who work so hard.
All the best and good luck in the future.”
— Amy Green, Guest
“Muchas gracias. This place you have created is amazing.”
— Alexa Schwartzman, Guest
“Feeling so fortunate to have found such a peaceful, unique place to stay the night. The staff are amazing and welcoming and the accommodations couldn’t be better. I absolutely plan on returning in the future. Thanks for everything.”
— Vanessa Bindi, Guest
“Firstly, what can we say to sum it all up.... the place, the view, the food, the yoga, the company...... WOW!!!
The place really resonated with both of us- truly! For Amanda, being the yogi, nutritionist and more spiritually open it suited her to a T. For me- Mark, even though not so yogi oriented, I still loved being here in such a chilled and relaxed place, open to explore.
We felt so welcomed by all, from Brittany leading the majority of the yoga classes, to the interns, to Jeremy and his Permaculture workshops (BTW we are going to be grafting some serious citrus trees), the lovely ladies who cooked our daily meals, the gents building everything around us, the cats and dogs for mooching around us, and lastly but not least Hayley for welcoming and creating the amazing Yoga Forest.
Awesome to the max!”
— Mark & Amanda Jezek, Guests
“This is a place our souls will come to connect after this lifetime.
I love you all.”
— Adina, Intern
“I love The Yoga Forest!!! The mountains, the lake, the plants, the animals and the people are all amazing.
This place will surely thrive for eternity.”
— Tyler Homen, Guest
“When I walked your trail 4 days ago, I thought I had made a big mistake. Why so much work? I could have stayed in town- my mind went on & on with negatives! You, Yoga Forest turned out to be my greatest teacher. Only through patience and practice do I achieve my cherished gifts. Every step, every rock, every ache and pain in my body taught me that life is not about comfort, security, ease. The challenges will be there for sure!! It show I respond that makes the difference. Thank you Yoga Forest and all your servants- volunteers, kitchen staff, Hayley and all the people who walk and climb your paths today and always.
Yoga Rules!!! Love to all.”
— Patty Kartlelner, Guest

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