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Travel Instructions

Morning Travel Recommended. If you would like an escort service to The Yoga Forest once you arrive in the town of San Marcos, please arrange to take an 8-9am collective shuttle (Q100) from Antigua (or you can request a 9-10am private shuttle for Q800) in order to arrive with plenty of time. We are able to arrange an escort service up to the Yoga Forest from Circles Cafe 7 days a week. Please inform our staff of your planned arrival date and we will have our escorts meet you promptly at 2pm at Circles Cafe. Please plan your travels accordingly, either spending a night in Antigua to make a morning shuttle, or stay in San Marcos la Laguna a night early. For your safety, LATE ARRIVALS ARE NOT PERMITTED.


The Details

To download this photo map and save to your desktop or phone  click here .

To download this photo map and save to your desktop or phone click here.

1. Get to Antigua at least a day early and stay the night – Antigua is the tourist hub of the country and nearly all transportation runs through here. There are shuttles every hour from the airport to Antigua (Q100, 45mins-1.5hr depending on traffic)

2. From Antigua direct- Get an 8am or 9am collective shuttle (or 9-10m private shuttle) direct to San Marcos la Laguna (Q100), 3.5-4.5hrs depending on traffic, roads and weather).  You can also come via San Pedro la Laguna if there are no shuttles leaving for San Marcos la Laguna (Q100), 3.5-4hrs). If on a San Pedro shuttle service, either get off the shuttle in San Pablo la Laguna and take a tuk-tuk (Q5) to San Marcos la Laguna (the next town over), or go all the way to San Pedro and then take the ‘lancha’ boat (Q10) to San Marcos.

3. From Antigua via Panajachel – From Antigua take a morning collective shuttle service (Q90) approximately 2.5hrs to Panajachel. From Pana take a ‘lancha’ boat (Q25) from the public dock (muelle publico) to cross the lake to San Marcos La Laguna. The lancha leaves every 30mins until 7.30pm and usually takes around 1 hour.

4. Arriving into San Marcos la Laguna; We are a 25 minute hike from the lakefront (15mins escorted along the mountain paths to The Yoga Forest from the back of town. Please find The Yoga Forest Meeting Point at Circles Cafe, just 30 meters down the path to the lake from the basketball court in the town center before 2pm.





The Yoga Forest is able to arrange an escort service from Circles Cafe at 2pm sharp 7 days out of the week. Please email us to request the escort. Note our escorts do not go to Circles unless you have prearranged the service with Yoga Forest staff beforehand.



BACKUP PLAN FOR LATE ARRIVALS - Please stay in town and contact us on 33011835 that you arrived late so we can arrange the 2pm escort service for the following day. We recommend La Paz Hotel, Circles Cafe and Paco Real for accommodation if you missed the pickup. If you have missed the 2pm pickup due to circumstances beyond your control, when availability permits, we will extend your booking by an extra night free of charge. If extension of an extra night is not possible, we will offer a 50% refund on the first missed night for inconvenience. Please do not arrive alone, or after 2pm, if you arrive late, stay in town and come up the next day.

If you are determined to adventure your own way, follow the instructions to the right, and keep and eye out for the painted flowers on stones along the pathways, like the image below, please understand that we accept no responsibility for your safety if you choose to arrive and depart the forest on your own.

Hotel Recommendations

Guatemala City (near airport): Hostel Novo, Quetzalroo, Hotel Dos Lunas, Hostel Villa Toscana, Mariana's Petit Hotel

Antigua: A Place to Stay - Kula students receive a 10% discount! As a member of our extended yoga community, we invite you to enjoy a 10% discount at A Place to Stay, Boutique Hostel in Antigua, Guatemala. This is a small family run hotel with a casual/community-oriented feel offering both private or shared rooms depending on your preference. The owners can also book any transportation needed including shuttles to and from the airport and to Lake Atitlan. 

In order to receive the discount, you must book directly on their website www.aplacetostayantiguaguatemala.com and use the promo code Kulita (on the booking page there is a spot for the promo code in the top right-hand corner).  Any bookings made through 3rd party websites (expedia/bookingcom/ hostelworld/etc.) are not eligible for a discount.  


Private shuttles

Private shuttles are recommended and can be arranged for a direct service from Antigua or Guatemala city to San Marcos La Laguna for a cost of Q800 (US$115) between 8-10am ONLY. Our drivers will meet you on arrival at the airport, or hotel, and upon arrival show you to Circles Cafe to await the 2pm ESCORT SERVICE. Please contact us at info@theyogaforest.org to arrange this for you.

PRIVATE SHUTTLE CANCELLATION NOTICE; Please be aware that short notice of less than 24hrs of a cancellation or delayed flight etc are still due for full payment. If a driver needs to be sent twice to get you (for them it is an 8 hour journey!) you will need to pay the cost of both trips.

Save these instructions and bring them on your travels to ensure a smoother journey to finding the Forest.


Concerned About Safety In Guatemala?

Guatemala is a beautiful country, from the people to the culture to the landscapes, offering amazing experiences to any traveler. Safety is as much a consideration here as in any developing country you may visit or in any touristed area where economic disparity exists. If it will be your first time to Guatemala, or you are a concerned traveler, we always recommend private transport for peace of mind, which allows us to be in touch throughout your journey to The Yoga Forest.  Please aim for a morning arrival before 12pm at the airport, or spend a night in Antigua and come the next day.

While traveling and when visiting towns and villages, we advise mindfulness. Don’t flash expensive devices or carry large amounts of cash. Theft tends to be petty and opportunistic. Take care with your valuables and lock them away safely. During your stay at The Yoga Forest, 24/7 security is provided on the property as well as secure storage for valuables in our office safe. 


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