General info about hosting a retreat with us:



For retreat leaders: Plan to arrive into Guatemala City Aurora (code GUA) International airport. From there, please keep in mind that it is still a half day journey to The Yoga Forest, so be sure to arrange a flight to arrive one day prior to the day the training program begins.

For retreat participants: It is best to have retreat participants to have their flights arrive before 1:30 PM ideally to get to the Lake by 2 PM, as it takes approximately 3.5 hours to get from the airport to the Lake. We like to have everyone at the Yoga Forest no later than 5 PM.


Option 1:  Arrive to San Marcos a day early and stay the night in a hotel/hostel (or contact The Yoga Forest for availability the night prior and ask to arrange a private shuttle direct to San Marcos from the airport so that you settle in a day early.)

Option 2:  From the airport take a shuttle straight to Antigua Guatemala (they leave every hour) and stay in a hostel/ hotel in Antigua for the night (see recommendations below). Antigua has great restaurants, markets, night life and is a safe tourist town. From there, take a collective shuttle for the earliest departure the next morning at 8am sharp (arrange at any travel agency the night prior - they are everywhere) and begin your journey to the lake in order to arrive to the meeting point for 2pm.

Arrival Day: You must be in San Marcos la Laguna by 2pm at the latest on the arrival day for an escorted pickup in town (this would mean catching an early 8am shuttle from Antigua at the latest). There will be one free escorted pickup arranged for the arrival day from Circles Cafe, at 2pm sharp. Make sure you have arrived on time for the pickup. For detailed information about getting to The Yoga Forest on your own, see the YF's Getting Here page.

Departure Day: Schedule your flight out of Guatemala either in the late afternoon/evening (after 6pm) of the last day of the training (Private shuttle would be necessary to arrive in time), or stay a day or two extra. We will finish around 10am on the last day. There are collective shuttles leaving San Marcos each day at 2.30pm for Antigua, arriving around 6pm, spend a nice night or two exploring Antigua and then take a collective shuttle back to the airport for your flight. Private and collective shuttles can be arranged with the Yoga Forest staff a few days prior to departure, there is no need to arrange in advance. Ideally, shuttles need to leave the Yoga Forest 6 hours prior to flight time for departure.

Arrange Transportation: The Yoga Forest can arrange a private transfer from the airport or Antigua to bring you straight to San Marcos la Laguna, to arrive either for the free escorted pickup or the driver will walk you to the forest. The shuttles hold up to 8 people max, so ideally, if you have more than 8 people, two shuttles would fit everyone. This cost $110 (4 ppl), $136 (4-8 ppl), or $273 (8-16 ppl) each way, needs to be settled in advance via payment link that will be sent to you. Please contact with your flight number, airline, arrival time and departure city for this service to be arranged.


Hotel Recommendations near Airport: Hostel Novo, Quetzalroo, Hotel Dos Lunas, Hostel Villa Toscana, Mariana's Petit Hotel

Hostel Recommendations in Antigua: A Place to Stay - If you are staying at the Yoga Forest, you receive a 10% discount! Contact them on their facebook page (

Hotel Recommendations in Antigua: Hotel Mesón de Maria, Meson Panza Verde, Hotel Convento Santa Catalina, and Villa Santa Ana-Ricardo (sleeps 10 and you book the whole place) good for small groups!


Aerial Yoga - We don’t have silks for rent but can hold space for yoga retreats in our SHAKTI package with yoga hammocks and aerial silks in our SHIVA package . We have space for up to 8 people to be in hammocks at one time and up to 5 for the aerial silks to be hung at one time. The height measurements of our 3 main rigging points are: 2.35 meters, 2.94 meters and 2.65 meters in SHAKTI.


Sauna use - We do provide a complementary sauna for your group. The sauna fits up to 10 people, and if you have more people in your retreat, feel free to have everyone come and go in shifts, or making a casual drop in/out for the night to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Children - We are child friendly and can offer shared accommodation for them at a rate of $40/night.

Equipment - We have 20 blocks, bolsters and yoga mats each available in both of our shalas for your group’s use.

Bathrooms - We do have compost toilets that are separate from our cabins and private showers. They are located on the property a short walk’s away from the common spaces and rooms. In our Shakti package, the Forest Cabin 1 would be the closest to the bathroom. In our Shiva package, it would be Writer Cabin 2 (when needed in package) otherwise it would be Forest Cabin 2.

Lighting - We do have solar lights as we are an off-grid retreat center and are available at night, however, are dim and ideal for yoga classes, kirtan and satsungs. Lights are out at 9 PM.

Menu - A sample of our vegetarian and Guatemalan inspired menu can be found here.

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Extra Activities and Renting Equipment - All extra activities can be booked through us and are listed in our brochure below. Renting speakers, microphone and projectors are also available.

Our Retreat Activity Guide gives a list of the services we offer, which you can download here.

Facilitators Staying the Night Before:

If you do request to stay the night before, we can not give you a definite answer until 30 days prior to your retreat.

If you have any other questions about hosting your retreat, feel free to contact our Retreats team at!