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The Yoga Forest is a unique sanctuary perfect for hosting retreats and workshops. We can accommodate groups of up to 8-35 people in shared and private accommodations, including mini circus tents with further BYO camping options for larger groups. We currently offer three different Retreat Packages, offering particular Shala and Accommodation options.


Shiva Temple Retreat Package

This option includes accommodations for up to 16 people with the exclusive use of our Shiva Temple. Venue Hire is $500 per week. Minimum paying participant number is 8.

This option offers our unique open air Shiva Temple set into a cliff with small waterfall with running water 9 months of the year. The temple features a natural spring plunge pool and secret gardens with Shiva Loft accommodations recommended for facilitators. Accommodations are our Shiva Loft, Lakshmi cabana, Lakshmi Wellness, Ganesh Loft, and three Forest Cabins.


Shakti Shala Retreat Package 

This option includes accommodations for up to 18 people with the exclusive use of our Shakti Shala. Venue Hire is $750 per week. Minimum paying participant number is 8.

This option offers our enclosed Shakti Shala with amazing views of Lake Atitlán and surrounding volcanoes. Accommodations included are Radha & Krishna (recommended for facilitators) Cabaña Sita, Cabaña Rama, and three Forest Cabins.

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Large Group Retreat Package

This option includes accommodations for more than 16 people with the exclusive use of your choice of Shala space. Venue Hire is $1000 per week. Minimum paying participant number is 12. Privacy Premium is optional if you want exclusive use of The Yoga Forest.

This options holds all accommodations for your group and allows you the choice of whichever Shala space you wish to use. We will continue to run community drop in classes in the secondary space unless you choose to use the Privacy Premium.



We book retreat weeks starting and ending on Saturdays - so there is a minimum of 7 nights to reserve for a group, and rates start at US$50 per person per night for shared accommodation

For every 8 students/ retreat participants, 1 facilitator will receive free room and board. For 12 students/ retreat participants, 2 facilitators will receive free room and board. For 18 students/ retreat participants, 3 facilitators will receive free room and board

Tuition: You can set the tuition (any part of the price that exceeds the room and food package) at whatever you like. Please contact us for details on our room and food package

Initial Deposit: $500-1000 non-refundable deposit to reserve dates and cover the venue hire depending on your Retreat Package choice.

Payment: 50% payment 60 days prior to the retreat and full payment 30 days before the start of the retreat

Cancellation: 50% of your initial deposit is transferable to a future retreat booking if cancellation is made >120 days prior

All inquiries, registration, bookings are to be handled by the retreat leader, however we can provide this service to you at an additional cost




The Shiva Temple is a 10m high bamboo structure next to our little waterfall and pools. Water runs in the wet season constantly and you can expect the magical sounds of water flowing through your classes. This Temple space is circular and can fit 23 people practicing yoga in a circle, with two or three teachers in the middle. Equipped with yoga mats, straps, blocks, bolsters and acro yoga/Thai massage mats.

The Shiva Temple features a Dj setup in the small triangle above the entrance, perfect for our weekly Temple Dance with up to 50 people for an Ecstatic Dance party. The 10m high roof features aerial circus silks and is a perfect space for aerial workshops.



The Shakti Shala is our enclosed workspace space at the forest, offering a protected space during windy or rainy seasons. Incredible views look out to Lake Atitlán, the space is decorated with beautiful Guatemala textiles, features a large altar and goddess mural on the wall. Set up with whiteboards, complete props for sitting, relaxing or for yoga, this is the perfect space for any class you have planned. Equipped with yoga mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, and instruments, this is our favorite space for bhakti yoga.

This space can accommodate up to 30 practicing yoga, in three rows of 10, with three teachers up front or up to three rows of 9 people with one teacher in front for absolute maximum capacity. 35 people can be accommodated in a circle around the outside edge of the Shala, perfect for cacao or sound ceremonies with the facilitators in the center.  Seated capacity of 50 for kirtan or classroom workshops. With the three double bamboo beams running across the roof, there is space for eight aerial yoga hammocks for classes, retreats or teacher trainings.





Apr 20-27 / Apr 27-May 4

 Aug 3-10 / Aug 10-17 / Sep 21-28

Nov 2-9 / Nov 9-16 / Nov 16-23 / Nov 23-29 (6 days)


  Mar 9-16 / Mar 16-23 / Mar 23-30 / Mar 30-Apr 6

Apr 13-20 / Apr 20-27 / Apr 27-May 4

Jun 1-8 / Jun 7-14 / Jun 15-22 / Jun 22-29 / Jun 29-Jul 6

Jul 6-13 / Jul 13-20 / Jul 25-Aug 3 / Aug 3-10 /  Aug 10-17 / Aug 17-24

Sep 7-14 / Sep 14-21 / Sep 21-28 / Sep 28-Oct 5 /

Oct 5-12 / Oct 12-19 / Oct 19-26 / Oct 26-Nov 2

Nov 2-9 / Nov 9-16 / Nov 16-23 / Nov 23-30 / Nov 30-Dec 7

Dec 14-21 / Dec 23-30



CUSTOM design retreats

Group or Individual Breathwork Sessions

Cacao & Mayan Fire Ceremonies

Temescal Ceremonies

Sound Healing & Kirtan

Ecstatic Dance & 5 Rhythms

Massage & Wellness Therapies

Sauna & Plant Baths

Astrology & Ayurvedic Consultations

Karma Yoga Days - Tul Planting

Aerial Yoga Classes

Climbing & Paddleboarding

Hikes, tours, transport, escorts, porterage

Visits to Women's Weaving Cooperatives

Photography Packages



We would love to help you create the perfect retreat for your guests. Let us know what ideas you have and we would be happy to work with you to arrange it. A short housekeeping tour is given upon arrival for guests. If you would like, we also can offer a forest tour talking about the history and intention of The Yoga Forest, the Permaculture practices currently in place, lake history, local community projects etc.

If you are interested in bringing a group for any of these available dates, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you shortly!