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Is a call to those who feel a yearning to connect with the essence of nature, and the divine nature within themselves. Sramana explores the perennial philosophies and primary patterns of Permaculture, Shamanism and Yoga, weaving the common threads into a holistic experience designed to catalyze your personal evolution.


A Shamanic Permaculture Initiation

This Shamanic Permaculture Initiation will employ the study of language as a lens through which to view our experience, beginning with the title. Shamanism is the practice of invoking Spirit for the purposes of healing and maintaining balance between the realms of Earth and Ether. Permaculture is a design system for creating thriving, enduring culture that coexists in harmony with all life. An initiation is the act of embarking on a journey.


A journey of awakening, to the potential that exists within you, your purpose in life and your place in the world. Encompassing a diverse array of experience, ceremony and sangha, practical permaculture skills, yoga, pranayama, and meditation, herbalism and alchemy, Mayan cosmovision and Western astrology, sound healing and sacred song, temazcal and plant baths, field trips and sharing circles, life design and manifestation magic, our journey is an exploration of the emerging evolution of consciousness and culture.

upcoming training dates

Nov 23- Dec 23, 2019 -  The Road to Cosmic

Jan 7- Feb 7, 2020 - The Road to Envision

Mar 20- Apr 20, 2020  Abundancia de Primavera



Our Permaculture program provides a balance of philosophy and practice. With an emphasis on attuning to the wisdom of nature and experiential learning, we will be embracing the plants as our teachers and caring for the Forest gardens. Participants will gain hands on experience in the production of salad greens and medicinal herbs for the Forest kitchen.

Topics Covered;

  • Gaia Theory & Deep Ecology

  • Pattern Language

  • Principles & Ethics

  • Herbalism, Alchemy and Spagyrics

  • Plant Spirit Meditation, Social Structure

  • Design Process & Implementation

  • Market Gardening

  • Food Forestry

  • Plant Propagation

  • Mycology

  • Soils

  • Compost & Fertility

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Nutrition and Fermentation

  • Water Management

  • Built Environment

  • Appropriate Technology

  • Sacred Economics

  • Entrepreneurship

Fields Trips to Atitlan Organics, Casa Curativa, Fungi Academy and SUP on the lake!



Shamanic practices offer us opportunities to connect with the spirit of nature in profound ways, the potential to experience uniquely holistic healing, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. We offer these practices from a place of deep reverence for the plants and the ancestral lineages which carry these traditions. Our ceremonial offerings will include, Sound healing, Cacao and breathwork, Ayahuasca, and Huachuma. With an emphasis on a safe and supportive container and the importance of preparation and integration the ceremonies will comprise an integral component of the initiation.


Yoga is often translated as union, our yoga practice will serve as a unifying sutra, or thread in the tapestry of our initiation, connecting us to the wisdom within ourselves, our community and the nature which surrounds us. This is an exceptional opportunity to deepen and evolve your yoga practice, experience a diversity of teachers and styles and connect with the ancient wisdom of yoga. I will be teaching several styles, including classes which are a unique synthesis of energy medicine, sound and spagyrics. We will be delving into the history and philosophy, studying the eight limbs and four paths of traditional yoga, mantra, and Vedic cosmology and how we can integrate these practices into our lives.

Life Design

At the nexus of self reflection and design process, intuition and inspiration, we apply the lessons from our journey to address life’s big questions. Utilizing the practice of Astrology to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our inherent strengths and challenges we will invoke the adage “Know Thyself” to root ourselves in a sense of self from which to engage with the world. You will articulate your vision for the future and set your intentions to manifest your dreams.


“Is the evolution of my own journey, emerging from experience and observation, a synthesis of the studies and synchronicities which have shaped me. My intention is to create an offering which is unique, dynamic and multifaceted, where participants can experience a way of life which has been so inspiring and transformational for me.” - Kevin Blue

Sramana is Permaculture, Shamanism and Yoga as a way of life. A way of life, infused with meaning and magic, immersed in the wisdom of nature and the camaraderie of community, and inspired to express your essence as an offering to the evolution of life on Earth.

From Patterns to Details

Sramana is based on the experiences and observations of living in community, volunteering, and working at some of the most well regarded Permaculture projects and medicine centers in Latin America, three yoga teacher trainings and the personal healing journey of its creator.

There are several important details to be aware of. This course program is designed to be an intimate group of 4 people due to the fact that we will be coinciding with other retreats at the Yoga Forest,  group will occupy a unique niche within the Forest cultural ecosystem. Our accommodations will be bring your own tent camping, you will need to bring a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and head lamp, pillows and additional blankets will be provided. 

The benefit of tent camping is a lower cost for the course, if you are interested in alternative accommodations please inquire. San Marcos is at an elevation of 5,100 feet and can be quite cold in the mornings and evenings, particularly in December and January. Warm clothing is easily available for purchase in the pueblo, however quality camping gear is not, so it is important to come prepared.



kevin blue

Kevin Blue is a Sagittarian free spirit, a seeker on a quest to experience the evolution of life on Earth. He is a 500 hr yoga teacher with the Kula Collective, and a Permaculturista. He is a student of Energy Medicine Yoga and the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. He has practiced permaculture throughout the America’s including the Temple of the way of Light and Paititi Institute in Peru, and the Yoga Forest in Guatemala. His journey led him to the Forest where his yoga practice evolved exponentially, encouraging him to answer the calling to teach. He has an affinity and appreciation for the states of consciousness cultivated through awareness, breath and movement.

Steeped in the permaculture lineages of Cascadia he has studied with Toby Hemenway, Dave Jacke, Jerome Osentowski, Michael Pilarski, Marisha Auerbach and many others. Initially drawn to herbal medicine and yoga through a healing crisis, he found permaculture to be the practical expression of ecological consciousness, a path to personal and planetary healing and a way he could make a positive impact in the world. The proverbial “Call of the Medicine” came in a chance conversation with Doug Bullock and from his first journey to Peru a wide world, he never could have imagined has unfolded. From the malokas of the Amazon jungle, to the peaks of the Andes, the playa of Black Rock City to the shores of Lago Atitlan, fincas to festivals, satsang to ceremony, the journey has instilled an unyielding truth in his heart, it is a blessing to be alive, to experience this epoch with the entirety of one's being, in each moment as it unfolds. 



We provide shared accommodation in our beautiful traditionally built cabanas constructed from bamboo, adobe, clay and wood from sustainable Guatemalan plantations. With palm roofs to match the natural setting that surrounds us and windows that overlook one of the most stunning views in Guatemala; Lake Atitlán and its volcanoes. Private rooms and circus tent options are also available. Learn more about the accommodations at The Yoga Forest here.

If you would like to arrive early and/or stay later than the course dates, please check our availability online or by emailing


What other attractions are in the area and in Guatemala?


At first sight San Marcos La Laguna is a sleepy village with a few simple hotels and restaurants, but it has much to offer hidden between its winding paths. Massage and therapy centers offering treatments and short courses, Meditation centers, Mayan spiritual centers, traditional ceremonies, Mayan saunas, yoga classes, chocolate ceremonies, a gym, walking tours, lake tours, Spanish schools, salsa classes, a variety of excellent restaurants and bars, waterfront activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, Internet cafés, shops selling imported food, various humanitarian and ecological volunteer projects, and a diverse community of residents and tourists.

We will gladly help you arrange tours to other towns either on the lake or further afield. Popular destinations on the lake include Panajachel, Santiago and San Pedro, all of which have fun local markets and a wide selection of restaurants. Panajachel and San Pedro also offer a more active nightlife for anyone seeking live music or a dance party. We can also arrange Spanish lessons.

Beyond the lake's sanctuary there are many more attractions: the colorful artisans' market in Chichicastenango, the former colonial capital of Antigua (from where you can climb the live volcano Pacaya and get up close to real lava), the Mayan ruins of Iximche, bird watching and canopy tours in San Felipe, Monterrico on the Pacific coast for big waves and black sand beaches, and Quetzaltenango (Xela) for trekking, hot springs and city culture.

Further afield, you can explore the lost Mayan jungle cities of Tikal, Yax'ha and El Mirador, swim in the paradisiacal pools and caves of Semuc Champay and Lanquin, trek in the remote Cuchumatan mountains and boat down the Rio Dulce from Lake Izabal to the Caribbean coast.

If you would like us to arrange tours or transport before or after the course, then we will be happy to help - just let us know what you're looking for.


$1,600 fully inclusive cost of BYO camping, 3 daily meals and tea, daily yoga classes, course content, ceremonies, and field trips.

Our initiation takes place over 30 days giving us ample time to experience the journey. We will have one full day per week off, generally Sunday but depending on our schedule. The daily flow will generally include morning yoga, breakfast, a class or hands on permaculture activity, lunch, an afternoon class or activity, afternoon gentle yoga, dinner, and occasionally an evening activity.

There is limited access to WiFi and it is encouraged to unplug during most of the initiation to be present with the experience. San Marcos is a 20 minute walk from the Forest and is easily accessible for WiFi and other necessities. This is not a certificate course (PDC or YTT), which allows us flexibility and freedom to explore how the journey unfolds organically and integrate the culture of San Marcos into our experience.

To conclude, This is a Calling. If this finds you though synchronicity, or resonates with something deep within you, I invite you to embark on this journey. If you have any questions or to submit an application please contact Kevin Blue at


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