Medicinal Plant Courses


Medicinal plants are everywhere; their gifts are surrounding us all the time. This course is about learning how to recognize and connect; grow and use herbs. It is about remembering a practical knowledge of down-to-earth ways of using plants, but also to introduce what may be a new way of perceiving the whole healing process.

In this Medicinal Plant Course led by Marcus Veysey there are 20 hours of theory and practical work covering topics from gardening practices and remedy making to meditation with plants and Flower Essences. With more and more people in the world wanting to reconnect with something more natural, this course offers an holistic view towards Healing and a fresh perspective to working with medicinal plants that Marcus has gained over twenty years experience.

“The purpose for me is that I would like everyone to leave feeling confident about working with herbs; to find the enthusiasm to experiment and explore more. I want people to remember their connection to the earth and practice it; to carry on learning but with plants and nature as their teachers as well.” Marcus Veysey

This course covers; 

  • Our spiritual connection to plants and nature- Conscious meditation exercises to connect to plants individually and to enhance sensitivity and intuition.
  • Ayurvedic herbal diagnosis- discovering personal doshas and understanding the tastes of plants and their medicinal properties from an ayurvedic viewpoint.
  • Cultivation, propagation and conscious gardening practices- Four main propagation methods, understanding soils, composting, and the elemental effects on plants. esoteric practices that increase plant potency of personal remedies.
  • Herbal harvesting, storing and drying- basic understandings of how to collect and keep plant medicine safe for future use.
  • Making individual and generic herbal remedies- here we will prepare hands on remedies both for personal use and for generic purposes such as infusions, decoctions, tinctures, infused oils, salves and poultices. This is hands on practical work.
  • An introduction to Flower essences and the psychological power of herbs, discovering personal flower essences and how to make a sun infusion. 

A small booklet and personal flower essences will be provided for all participants. 

About the Facilitator 

Marcus has been working with medicinal plants and making remedies in San Marcos for the last 21 years. His passion is to encourage and empower others to grow and experiment with plants and nature. "Finding once again our connection to nature is so important for so many reasons, for me there is nothing as enriching as growing your own anything and learning to recognize nature's gift all around us!" Marcus also teaches meditation, yoga and transformational self-healing courses.



Upcoming Course Dates

February 9-12, 2016

April 18-21, 2016



This course will be run in 4 full days of five hours per day. Morning sessions 9.30-12.30pm, followed by a delicious vegetarian lunch, then afternoon sessions 2-4pm.

Course Cost

Tuition Q1900/ US$250

Room & Board Options

Room and Board is charged separately depending on your accommodation choice. Please see our Accommodations and Rates pages for more information. We recommend you arrive a day earlier on Feb 8th and leave a day later on Feb 13th in order to soak in the magic of this experience. 

Participants can also choose to stay in town and come up each day for the Medicinal Plant course.


Please email Marcus to register - - and book your Room & Board option as soon as possible to make sure we have availability for your preferred choice!