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What is the Forest Family

A wellness community of conscious individuals sharing health education, lifestyle tips and resources about natural solutions using pure plant extracts for health care and wellness, primarily through the use of Essential Oils. We are a network of visionaries working together through collaborative conscious leadership, empowering people to achieve their health and wellbeing goals, and live the lives they dream of, co-creating an abundant future for all. 


Forest Family Foundation


Our doTERRA Essential Oils partnership is sowing seeds of change within our local community that is creating positive impact in the lives of those around us. The Forest Family Foundation is a Guatemala non-profit organization that provides funds for humanitarian projects in our indigenous lake community. The Yoga Forest is committed to creating a model of inclusive abundance through its doTERRA partnership and 25% of all membership proceeds are given to the Forest Family Foundation, currently supporting the San Marcos Birthing Center and the local fisherman Organization, RUKUX CHUPUP, Heart of Tul, in order to promote lake health awareness and continue their efforts to plant Tul around the shores of the Lake.

our vision

The Forest Family Foundation is a conscious collaborative organization that works to preserve cultural heritage, shared traditional skills and wisdom through empowering individuals and local community initiatives.

Benefits of joining the Forest Family

Receive education about natural health solutions through individual consultations and weekly workshops, as you discover the amazing benefits of Essential Oils - nature's pure plant medicine. By joining the Forest Family you will receive 25% discount on all Forest Wellness Services, and Wholesale Prices on doTERRA products in our gift Store and the Forest Oil Bar, and Wholesale Prices on all doTERRA Essential Oils forever. Receive ongoing support and resources, connection with others via FB groups and monthly newsletters.


How to join

Start an Essential Oil journey with us, empowering yourself to choose natural plant solutions for health and well being! Enroll with the doTERRA Essential Oil kit of your choice: USA, AUS, NZEUROPE, CANADA

If you are traveling and cant receive your essential oil kit at home, contact us to have it ready for you at the Forest!