Daily Schedule

6.30-7.00am   Meditation

7.00-8.30am   Yoga class

8.30-9.30am   Breakfast

12.30-1.30pm Lunch

4.00-5.30pm   Restorative yoga

6.00-7.00pm   Dinner


Observing Quiet Times

The Yoga Forest is a place of tranquility and peace. We maintain quiet times from 9.00pm to 9.00am to respect the serenity of the natural setting and encourage inward reflection. Lights in communal areas will be switched off and silence is requested. Please respect and show kindness to all staff and other guests.


Karma Yoga

As a conscious community, all community members, visitors, staff and guests are expected to clean up after themselves. We wash all our own plates, cups, cutlery, glasses etc and recycle our own rubbish.

Please be conscious and do not bring plastic rubbish (plastic bottles, plastic bags) up the mountain with you, if you do, please take it back down to town.


Extra Activities

On Tuesday we offer a community Kirtan by donation where we sing and celebrate as a devotional practice. Sundays we offer a Cacao & Ecstatic Dance lead by various DJs we host for the event, guests are offered a discounted rate of Q30. Any further activities such as Sound Healing (Q70) we host by outside facilitators may have an additional cost for attendance.


Money & Payments

If you are enjoying your time with us and plan to extend your stay, we ask that you pay in advance for any extra days/weeks in cash or credit card. Forest café bills must be settled upon departure.

There is an ATM machine in the town of San Marcos la Laguna at Super Tienda Jose behind the Libreria Arco Iris and beside the bridge of the dry river bed.



Our filtered water has been tested by a local authority and is approved for drinking and washing. While we take necessary steps to ensure your drinking water is filtered and food is prepared in a safe and clean manner, we encourage you to take responsibility for your health in Guatemala.

It is common for travellers in Guatemala to suffer from upset stomachs, diarrhea and/or vomiting from exposure to different bacterias. If you do fall sick during your time with us, we encourage you to surrender into the experience and allow it to be an opportunity for growth and learning about the deeper layers of Self. Many insights arrive during times when the body is releasing if we allow the space for it.

We encourage you to regularly eat papaya seeds, probiotic foods such as kimchi, add kombucha vinegar to your water, and take GSE and Activated Charcoal if you have a sensitive system.



We serve local organic produce whenever is possible and prepare our delicious vegetarian meal with love. We can cater to certain dietary restrictions, such as vegan and gluten free. Please advise management of your needs as well as any allergies upon check in.



We do not have wifi available for guests at The Yoga Forest and recommend that you connect in town prior to hiking to The Yoga Forest to let your loved ones know that you are safely in San Marcos. The Yoga Forest is a unique retreat space where we encourage you to disconnect from modern day distractions and fully immerse in the experience of being here now!



We operate on a simple solar electricity system. You may charge your devices in the morning when the sun is shining ONLY between 9-10am. Please put devices on charge in the charger station at breakfast and remove them at lunch, the charging station will be turned off in the afternoons once the sun has passed over the panels or when power is low. We recommend you keep your devices in FLIGHT MODE while with us to maximise your battery life.


Office Hours & Space Holder

Our manager can assist you between 9 and 10 AM each day for reception assistance and access to the safe. The Office is closed outside these times. If you need assistance, please see our Space Holder on Duty, which will be one of our Resident Staff members. They will not have access to the safe, so please plan accordingly. Space Holder on Duty Roster can be found on the kitchen door.



Telephones for international calls can be made in the town of San Marcos La Laguna. We also recommend that you give your family our contact details so that you can be contacted in the unlikely event of an emergency back home. Phone +502 3301 1835 and email info@theyogaforest.org.



Weather in San Marcos La Laguna is usually very mild. Most days the temperature is around 17-24 degrees Celsius, however due to the altitude here at Lake Atitlån (1500m), nights can be as low as 8 degrees.

Guatemala has a dry season (November to April) and a wet season (May- October) each year. July and August are often also dry with a break in the rains. Please pack accordingly for stays during the wet season.



Please wear slip on shoes around the property and keep clean feet at all times, especially in sacred spaces. Please remove shoes in cabins and shala spaces. Wash your hands regularly with filtered water and soap, especially before meals.



Our indoor kitchen is very small and is ONLY for the use of the lovely local ladies who prepare our food with love. Please be sure to leave them in peace in their space. We wash our own dishes in the outside pila and ask everyone to give their items a rinse with filtered water, followed by a final filtered water & vinegar rinse before leaving to dry. Please don’t create work for other community members, be conscious of picking up after yourself.


Café Space

Our café space is small and easily becomes cluttered with personal items. Please be conscious of picking up your belongings and keeping them in your room, in your bag hung on the office wall hooks, or on the shelves there. Any loose items left in the café space will be put in our LOST & FOUND and are available for anyone to claim.


Temascal (Sauna)

The Temascal is lit once a week and available for use for guests of The Yoga Forest. This is due to the conscious use of wood for fire. 


Shower & Washing Supplies

As the Yoga Forest operates using organic farming principles, we insist that our guests use ONLY organic and environmentally friendly bathroom and cleaning products that are biodegradable. Lago Atitlån is an endangered lake and we hope to educate and promote the use of bio cleaning alternatives around the lake basin. Unnatural soaps will be removed from bathrooms. We have natural soaps and moon cups for sale if needed.



Laundry can be sent to town for our local ladies to wash your clothes in their homes and will be brought back to you once they are line dry, which can be a few days in the wet season. You can also take your washing to laundry services offering wash/dry service by machine if you prefer, cost is usually Q50 per 12 lb load.


Sheet Changes

Bed Sheets will be changed not more than once per week and up to every 9 days for longer retreat groups. Please bring your own towel with you.


Donations Appreciated

Please help us help others by bringing items to leave after your stay such as Dr Bronner’s products, yoga mats, spiritual and permaculture books and references, musical instruments, and any other items you believe to be useful for a growing conscious retreat community.


Namastay in the Forest !!