How do I find The Yoga Forest?

Please see our Getting Here page for details. Print a copy and bring with you to make your journey smoother. Remember that we are a 25-30 minute hike from the lakefront up into the mountain valley, and there is a free escorted walk each day at 2pm from our Meeting Point at Circles Cafe in town when we are expecting arrivals - however you still need to ask the Circles staff to CALL US when you arrive (before 1.30pm please) so we are aware you are waiting for an escort and can meet you there in time. If you arrive after 2pm, we apologise, but we can no longer escort you to the forest, and require you to stay in town for the night, and come with the following day's 2pm escort service. Please understand that our Arrival Protocol is strict and no exceptions can be made. 

Remember to travel to us with a backpack, a head lamp and a spirit of adventure.

What days can I arrive?

You can start a reservation with us on any WEEKDAY, but please note we do not start reservations on WEEKENDS.

What time can I arrive?

Check in time for cabañas is 2pm, and check out time is 10am. This is in order for us to get beds changed and ready for your arrival, and the following guests. If you would like to depart later than 10am, we have a secure place for you to store your bags in our office.

We would prefer that you do not arrive to The Yoga Forest before 2pm. Please do not arrive on your own. For your safety we offer the 2PM escort service.

Your first included service is Restorative Yoga at 4pm followed by dinner at 6.30pm. On departure day, you have included 7am morning meditation and yoga class, followed by breakfast at 8.30am, and checkout is required by 10am.

Lunch is not included on arrival or departure days, and will be charged at Q50 (US$7) if you decide to stay longer for lunch.

What if I am late for the 2PM escort service?

**Backup plan for late arrivals**  Please stay in town and contact us on 33011835 to inform us that you arrived late so we can arrange the 2pm escort service for the following day. We recommend La Paz Hotel, Circles Cafe and Paco Real for accommodation if you missed the pickup. If you have missed the 2pm pickup due to circumstances beyond your control, when availability permits, we will extend your booking by an extra night free of charge. If extension of an extra night is not possible, we will offer a 50% refund on the first missed night for inconvenience.

Will I be escorted back to town for departure?

We offer a free escorted walk back to town on your departure, at 10AM SHARP only. Later than this our team is unavailable. If you would like your bags carried for you, we encourage you to offer a small tip to our workers (Q10-20) for their efforts.

Is there internet available at the Forest?

We have limited internet available at The Yoga Forest using our forest laptop during office hours (1-3pm). We ask that guests use this minimally (15 min max) and try to disconnect during their stay with us. The reason for this is that we have created a unique retreat space where we encourage you to disconnect from modern day distractions and fully immerse yourself in the experience of being here now!

What should I bring with me?

It is necessary to bring your own biodegradable toiletries, a towel, and layers of clothing to suit varying temperatures during the day and night. All bedding is provided. Natural insect repellent comes in handy and a headlamp is a necessity. If you are staying for a while we recommend a solar powered light and a solar rechargeable power cell to charge your devices so you don't need to rely on our system which only offers access for one hour a day each morning to our solar charging station.

If you like, we have a Wish List for those coming from Western Countries, feel free to help by bringing any of these wishes, or email info@theyogaforest.org with your postal address if you are willing to bring items down for us that we may ship to you!

How can I pay for my stay?

We only accept reservations directly on our website using the Retreat Guru system. We are also listed on Airbnb and can accept payment for longer stay reservations through direct deposit or bank transfer to our US or Guatemalan bank accounts. If you are planning a longer stay and would prefer to pay via bank transfer or direct deposit, please email info@theyogaforest.org. For a reservation we require a payment prior to your arrival at The Yoga Forest. We can accept credit cards once you are on site if you wish to extend your stay or pay for any extra services incurred.

What is included in my rate?

Inclusive rates include two daily yoga classes, three vegetarian meals, weekly use of the sauna, and any other free community activities such as kirtan, satsang, temple dance, new or full moon ceremonies etc.

Can I cancel my retreat or course?

For cancellations to Solo Retreat reservations;

  • 90+ days notice; YF offers a 100% refund

  • 30-90 days notice; YF offers a 75% refund

  • Between 30 and 7 days prior to arrival; YF policy offers a 50% refund

  • Less than 7 days notice of cancellation, there is no refund

Amendments to Solo Retreats;

  • If you shorten the length of your visit during your stay with us; YF policy offers a 50% discount on the difference between original and final rates.

Room & Board for Trainings;

  • Postponement/ Transfer to another Yoga Forest Training course, 100% credit for R&B to another program

  • Full cancellation of Yoga Forest training more than 90 days of course commencement, 100% refund on R&B

  • Full cancellation of Yoga Forest training within 30-90 days of course commencement, 75% refund on R&B

  • Full cancellation of Yoga Forest training within 30 days of course commencement, 50% refund on R&B

  • Full cancellation of Yoga Forest training within 7 days of course commencement, there is no refund

Retreat Group Bookings;

  • All deposits are non-refundable

  • Full cancellation of retreat booking 120 days or more from the start of the retreat date, 50% transfer applied to deposit for booking a retreat date within 18 months

  • Full cancellation of retreat booking between 60 and 30 days of retreat dates will forfeit the 50% payment on minimum guaranteed participants

Off the Grid Living

The Yoga Forest is an off-the-grid experience. Composting bathrooms, outdoor shower and naturally built cabañas without electricity. There are no private bathrooms anywhere on the property.

We only have a little electricity in our cafe and kitchen for lights, and as such we cannot charge everyone's devices on our simple solar system. Another reason to be disconnected!

There are spiders and scorpions in the forest. It is a forest, there are other creatures too of course. But it is always good to know. Mosquitoes are not a problem, but there are small coffee flies that can be bothersome during the early dry season. Bring some natural insect repellent or wear long pants.

What to Bring?

  • Travel bath towel

  • Journal and/or Notebook (Pens/Pencils)

  • Yoga Clothes

  • Comfortable hang out and warm clothes for night, long sleeves and trouser with socks to avoid bug bites

  • Sandals/Flip Flops & Walking Shoes

  • Organic mosquito repellent

  • Toiletries (Organic & Biodegradable - including hand & body soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush)

  • Personal Medications (or not?!)

  • A Moon cup for your moon cycle (Divacup, Femmecup etc) we also have some for sale if you need

  • Probiotics and or any other appropriate preventative medicine

  • Eco Water bottle

  • Thermos mug for tea

  • Headlamp with batteries

  • Solar powered light

  • Solar rechargeable power cell to charge phones or devices if you are bringing them

  • Alarm clock

  • Any Spiritual Books you would like to read or share

Please leave behind;

Any plastics bags or water bottles and anything that will become trash. Please be conscious of taking all items you bring up the mountain back down with you, including empty shampoo bottles etc!
Bring less devices as The Yoga Forest has limited charging capacities operating on a simple solar system.

Want more information?

Please download our Guest Handbook to help prepare you for your stay with us.