Nov 2-Dec 2, 2018 with Niss Bach


Jan 19-Feb 16, 2019

Live and practice the sacred art of Thai Massage! We invite you to deepen your practice or start off on a journey back to your true nature!

Enjoy classes and practice in the beautiful Yoga Forest, focus on the teaching of Thai massage as a way of life and during this time you will live this magical lifestyle.... exploring, feeling, opening, dancing, chanting, stretching, and harmonizing oneself living within nature and in community.

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and powerful healing art that has been an integral part of traditional Thai medicine for thousands of years. Thai massage blends elements of acupressure, Yoga, reflexology, physiotherapy, meditation, energy healing, chiropractic practices and Ayurvedic wisdom.


Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in the Indian systems of Yoga and Ayurveda. It is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Baccha, the legendary founder of Thai massage. He was a physician to the Sangha, the order of Buddhist monks and nuns, at the time of the Buddha. The Thais call him Doctor Shivago and to this day honor him as “The Father of Medicine”.

Around 2000 years ago Thai Massage was brought from India to Thailand along with Buddhism. Since then it has been practiced, developed and handed down through the generations. It was never seen solely as massage but as a spiritual practice, and until fairly recently was mostly practiced in wats, the Thai Buddhist temples.

Thai Yoga Massage is a truly wonderful experience for both giver and receiver as energy blockages are released, boundaries dissolve and deep healing occurs in a space of presence and meditation.


Course Details

Diving deep into the practice of Thai Massage!

The first week Level 1 (30 hours) will cover the basic flow of the energy lines (Sip Sen) and a full body Thai Massage.

The 3 weeks Advanced Level 2 (70 hours) material will include: Advanced Techniques, Reflexology, Basic Anatomy, Astrology, Therapeutic Techniques (for chronic pain, injuries) Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage) and lots of practice!

The schedule is on top of The Yoga Forest Daily Schedule (none of these are a requirement to take, it is your choice):

6:30am Meditation - 7:00am Yoga - 8:30am Breakfast - 12:30pm Lunch - 16:00pm Yin Yoga (level 1 will not have time to partake) 6:00pm Dinner

The Yoga Forest has other optional Weekly Offerings such as Sauna (free), Kirtan (donation), Sound Healing (Q70), Ecstatic Dance (Q50) that students are able to attend when suitable to the Training Schedule.

1st Week Level 1 Thai Massage Schedule:

Friday arrival day: meet before dinner 6pm at the Shiva Temple.

Saturday- Friday

9:30-12:30 Morning Class

14:30-17:30 Afternoon Class



14:00-17:00 Massage Temple (Practice + Graduation Level 1)

Friday departure level 1 after breakfast.


Advanced Level 2 Schedule (3 Weeks):

1st week

Friday & Saturday

14:30-18:30 (Astrology + Thai Massage)


9:30-12:00 Morning Class

14:30-17:00 Afternoon Class

Wednesdays Afternoons Off - Sat Sun Off

2nd & 3rd Week:

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri

9:30-12:00 Morning Class

14:30-17:00 Afternoon Class


Tuition pricing:

Full (Level 1s & 2) program: $1800 - **$150 OFF for signup before September 5th, **$300 OFF for signup before July 5th. 

Level 1 Only:  $800 - **$50 OFF for signup before Sept 5th, **$100 OFF for signup before July 5th.

Advanced Level 2 program only (For people with Thai Massage experience or have taken Level 1): $1200 - **$100 OFF for signup before Sept 5th **$200 OFF for signup before July 5th.

(Price does not include accommodation or food, after paying your tuition you can reserve your accommodation at The Yoga Forest, or you could find accommodation outside of The Yoga Forest in San Marcos La Laguna a 20 minute walk).


Niss Bach

Niss has an extensive background in body awareness disciplines.  Starting to dance at 8 years old, and then working as a dancer at 16. At 15 he got exposed to Yoga by one of his modern dance teachers and to massage through a dance improv teacher his fascination with the Healing Arts began. Later suffering from knee issues, he was sent to a physical therapist and was amazed how quickly his knees improved while following the exercise regimen. That was it a healer was awakened. Always willing to lend a helping hand to his suffering dancing colleagues and later his circus colleagues. In circus there are every kind of orthopedic injury you can think of.  That is where the practice came in!


On his travels, he studied with great teachers such as Mama Lek and her son Jack Chaya, Krishna Takis Kaline Alayna Kelly, Arno Lhermitte Itzhak Helman Sebastian Bruno, to name some. A couple of original Thai masters like Ajan Pichet and Sinchai (blind master). Even though Niss prefers the approach of the student guru relationship he has gone to see what the more official schools have to offer, studying Acupressure in Berkeley and doing the GCT program at TMC, Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai.

In 2011 Niss suffered from a series of injuries that ended his circus career, "looking back it was a clear way to make me change my focus to the healing arts, first take care of my self and then of others".  Since then he has been teaching Thai Massage and has helped to co create the amazing Yoga Forest transformation retreat center in Guatemala. Although his main focus in Thai Yoga Massage, Niss loves to infuse all sorts of energies to his training and retreats, with dance and fun clowning dynamics there is always ways to express and play while we study. Astrology and nature is another passion of Niss’. In his training he teaches us how the zodiac works and how to begin to interpret our own chart.  His unique Yoga classes infuse celestial knowledge into the body and mind. Thus following the Vedic principles, first take care of the body with Ayurveda (Thai Massage), then clear the mind with Yoga, and then with Astrology, you can follow your soul's path!

"Living in nature it is easy to follow the cycles of the moon which is our biggest guide here on earth, and as she passes through the zodiac signs her influence affects us each one differently." Nissan Auerbach




Tiffany (sometimes known as Freya) is passionate on how to move through life while always taking care of the self.  She came into Thai Massage after going through some challenges that resulted in some impactful physical limitations at the age of 28.  It was then that her healing journey was put on top priority.  She realized she was paying very little attention to the body.  The intention never was to become a therapist or a teacher of Thai Massage. Originally it was only to learn more about the body, be in it, and receive treatments.  Thai Massage became a passion when she saw the potential of a practice to take care of the self while giving to others.  And that is how she approaches teaching.  How to not lose the self while giving to others.  Another huge proponent in that practice for Tiffany has been The Work of Byron Katie.  The Work or Inquiry is a process that has been called the Great Undoing of the Mind. It is a method to question anything that causes your suffering.  Tiffany practices and facilitates The Work worldwide.  She is passionate about clear, honest, open hearted communication and The Work has only exceeded her in this 100 fold.  

“Thai Massage is a different form of bodywork that allows both the giver and receiver to receive benefits. As a practitioner you do not need to strain to give, instead it is about dropping into your own meditation and using your bodyweight to do a dance with the other. If you have challenges with your hands you can use your feet, if you have challenges with your feet you can use your knees to give. Thai Massage can be suited to your own body. How do I give to someone without overextending myself? The ultimate practice. And Thai Massage can help teach you this.”