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Did you ever look at the lake and wondered what it must feel like to be in the center of this magical vast deep blue? Come and join us for a Stand Up Paddle expedition.

We are offering custom made programs of sunrise, cliff jumping, and/or yoga & meditation paddle tours.

Our skilled instructors are ready to take you on one of the most unforgettable experiences the lake has to offer. Put your swimmers on and challenge your balance in a playful way, you surely won’t forget.

SUP Packages


SUP Explore (2-3h of the lake incl. cliff jumping) min 2 ppl - 250Q p.p

SUP Yoga (Sunrise paddle & Meditation) min 2 ppl - 250Q p.p

SUP Rental - 200Q for first two hours and 50Q for every additional hour

SUP Mix (Mixture of all offerings) min 2ppl - 300Q p.p

SUP personal tour 350Q

Full day package with SUP and Rock Climbing, min 2ppl 450Q p.p




Email info@theyogaforest.org or venga.atitlan@gmail.com

Call +502 5891 0304

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Paddleboarding on the lake

is run by our sister/brother company, Venga SUP