Special Offerings

In addition to our Daily Schedule, the following special activities are currently on offer at The Yoga Forest each week;

Mondays               4.30-5.30pm      San Marcos Women's Yoga - gratis

Wednesdays       10.00-2.00pm      Konojel Community Garden Project - gratis

Thursdays            3.00-5.00pm      Aerial Silk Adventures - Q50/US$7*

Fridays                 3.00-5.30pm      Partner / Acro Yoga & Jam - Q50/US$7*

Fridays                 5.30-8.30pm       Pizza Night - Q40/US$5 drop-ins)

*Classes in addition to our Daily Schedule are not included in our Rates, but are charged separately at the time of taking the class. Drop-ins welcome. Pizza is included for all Yoga Forest guests.

San Marcos Women's Yoga

Once a week, we love to invite the local indigenous women to a free yoga class at The Yoga Forest. Local ladies of San Marcos la Laguna trek up the mountain to enjoy an hour of peace and connection.

We hope to create more integration with the local community and offer a space for self reflection and contemplation. Classes are given in Spanish by our resident teachers, and are only available to local marquenses.



Konojel Community Garden Project

The Yoga Forest has worked with the Konojel Nutrition Center since early 2013. With our Permaculture designers and forest interns we have designed and implemented three community gardens that support the nutrition center to grow their own food. Our interns dedicate one morning a week to help implement and prepare the gardens ready for planting and we encourage guests and the San Marcos ex-pat community to join us in our endeavors.

Aerial Silk Adventures

Thursdays at 3pm you can join Lili Del Valle for a fun fusion of yoga and aerial silks. Lili guides students through therapeutic vision: yoga, auto- massage and basic postures for strength and flexibility.

Building on foundational elements, students learn silk postures and are introduced to artistic development; connection with movement and expression work. Come fly and have fun with us!


Partner / Acro Yoga Workshop & Jam

Fridays at 3pm we love to explore Partner / Acro Yoga. We offer a one and a half hour guided class, leading into a one hour open jam where you can explore the different techniques learned during the class and creative flow sequences building on foundational postures. Enjoy the stillness of the moment, in balance with one another.

And afterward you can stay for a hot sauna and pizza!


Pizza  Night

Every Friday we like to be a little more festive; we prepare the most delicious pizza you will find on the lake! We have regular and gluten-reduced (sourdough base) options along with all sorts of wonderful toppings including dessert pizza using fruits picked from our tropical food forest!