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100 Hour Thai Massage Course with Niss Bach


"I am very excited to present this program. A course to discover heaven and earth. I just want to thank my friends and fellow teachers for all the support. as you can imagine in such a big course I will be inviting many special teachers, mystics and local leaders to share with us their wisdom"

It's time to live In Nature and learn the wisdom of the Earth, too long have we been waiting to experience these practices. dive deep into the bowels of the earth and hear her message, we must focus and we must be open, firm and accepting.

This month long Earth Warriors Immersion will be divided into 4 sections with a string of love for planet earth to connect

~ Yoga and Astrology ~

~ Thai Massage and buddhist Philosophy ~

~ Dance and voice ~

~ Earth priest/ess & ancient wisdom ~

And Permaculture class and adventures waved into the whole month

Week 1

 <<< Yoga + Astrology >>>

During this week we will go discover the deep connection between the movement of the planets and our yoga practice. and connect to the moon as it travels through the zodiac.

 Classes will include:

-- Hatha Yoga --

-- Kundalini Yoga --

-- Introduction to Astrology --

-- Pranayama --

-- Analyzing your Birth Chart --

 -- Meditations for the different Planets --

-- Puja --

Week 2

 <<< Thai Massage + Buddhist philosophy >>>

Let's take care of ourselves, removing blockages in our energy body helping us to dive deeper into serenity.

Classes will include:

-- Thai Massage Foundation --

-- Dzogchen Meditation --

-- Bee Hive Hike --

-- Trip to the Secret Valley --

 -- Thai Massage Temple —

Week 3

 <<< Dance + voice >>

Dance for the earth. Dance for healing. Join the celebration of the miracle of life.

Classes will include:

-- Ecstatic Dance --

-- Contact Improvisation --

-- Somatic Dance Therapy --

-- Gypsy Dance --

-- Clown Playshop --

-- Bhutto --

-- Voice Activation--

-- Hot Springs adventure --

Week 4

 <<< Earth priest/ess & ancient wisdom>>>

Let's bring back the old ways before language and Judgement, when we would sit by the Fire and observe the stars above playing with the shadows of the flames.

Classes will include:

-- Tantra Foundations --

-- Moon Ceremony --

-- Breath Work --

-- Dynamic Meditation --

-- Transfiguration --

-- Wheel of Consent --

-- Shiva Shakti Dynamics --

-- Fire ceremony --

All during This month we will be offering Permaculture classes (theory and practical)

About the teachers:


Niss Bach is our program director and will be our captain on this journey.

Niss Bach has been teaching Thai massage and has helped to co-create the amazing yoga forest transformation retreat center in Guatemala, where he has been teaching training since 2015 and although his main focus in Thai yoga massage, Niss loves to infuse all sorts of energies to his training and retreats, with dance and fun clowning dynamics there is always ways to express and play while we study. and following the stars.

In his training he teaches us how the zodiac works and how to interpret our own chart. his unique yoga classes infuse celestial knowledge into the body and mind, thus following the Vedic principals, first take care of the body with Ayurveda (Thai Massage), then clear the mind with Yoga. and then with Astrology, you can follow your souls path!



On our anchor and sail we have the wise fool Jeremy Fellows here to show us how to do it right and dirty

Jeremy Fellows has focused ten years of study, mentorship and implementation on permaculture design systems and teaching modalities. With many years of experience in Botany, Horticulture and Soil science he is fascinated by the world of plants. After working many years in Guatemala Jeremy has dedicated his focus to land and water management systems that lend to ecological acceleration and social integration through food production.







Sonal Aggerwal will be joining us to infuse her heartfelt gypsy songs, sharp wit and spicy mystic.

Sonal Aggerwal is...not a suitable marriage candidate, but she's a great comic. She is a world traveling performer. Raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, she left the country after college to travel the world. In March of 2015 while living in India as an artist and emcee, her life took a dramatic turn with a motorcycle accident that led her back to Chicago. During her rehabilitation, she realized that she was meant to do stand up comedy. Now, her infectious energy is on stage all over Chicago.

Namaste... please stop saying it if you are not saying it right.










More teachers to be announced

(Price does not include accommodation or food, after paying your tuition you can reserve your accommodation at The Yoga Forest, or you could find accommodation outside of The Yoga Forest in San Marcos La Laguna a 20 minute walk).

You have the option of coming for the whole month or you can come for one, two or three of the weeks

Price per week 800$ Early bird 700$

Last week 1000$ Early bird 850$

Whole course 2200$ Early Bird 1900$

Early bird is before November 19th

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to Niss at