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Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training

24 Day Immersive Embodied Leadership Facilitator Training and Soul Initiation Retreat

Dancing Freedom is a conscious movement practice that supports full body expression, loving boundaries, nature connection, emotional coherency and spiritual awakening for individuals and whole communities.

Get ALL the details, click here listen to our Training Information Call recording.

Journey deep into the Mayan heartland to the mountains above Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and immerse yourself in 24 days of dance and embodied leadership training. We invite you to dive in, surround yourself  by the elements and remember what it feels like to know yourself as a force of nature.

Our training intensives are a deep dive into your personal transformation and evolution as an embodied leader. This facilitator training will take you to your edges and beyond, bringing you home to your Authentic Self.  You will dance every day, do yoga every morning, learn new skills for powerful embodied presence and awareness, cultivate amazing new friendships, and flow forward in your own evolution as a leader on the global stage – all at the same time. If you are ready to step deeper into your leadership and join a dynamic, collaborative, spiritual community that is making a BIG difference in the world – while also giving your body the gift of an immersive, purposeful and fulfilling 24 day dance experience- this training is for YOU!

Who should attend?

The Dancing Freedom Community is a fractal of the global wave of awakening. We dance for unity, peace, personal transformation, earth healing, social healing and oneness. We bring this through the medicine of the Dance and embodied leadership. We are specifically calling those of YOU who carry DANCE MEDICINE to join us on this epic adventure into the heart and soul of the Mayan homelands. In this ecstatic dance training you will up level your personal and collective capacity to shift consciousness, transform fear into trust, and bring joy, celebration and ceremony as a means of healing to our world.

What you will learn…  

This 24-Day Intensive Facilitator Training is a high-impact, super fun, deep dive into dance, movement meditation, space holding, nature, DJ training, embodied leadership tools and resources, personal business development, and community building. 

As you dive into the core curriculum of Dancing Freedom you’ll learn the fundamentals of the practice through your own embodied experience. You dive into the Dancing Freedom practice, the energetic and personal empowerment tools needed to facilitate and guide others, and the “big picture” of spiritual, emotional and physical transformation possible for you and your communities through dance and conscious movement practices. You get a comprehensive experience, a broad and powerful leadership toolbox, and a total holographic understanding and working map for your own leadership. The Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training and Soul Initiation is a modern day “Embodied Mystery School”.

“I came into this training knowing that I wanted to facilitate dance, but lacking a form that I trusted, and also not thinking of myself as qualified. I came out of this training with an experiential knowing of Dancing Freedom, feeling qualified to teach, and with a wealth of gifts I never could have anticipated. I’ve gone from waiting to live my passion, to living it. All-in-all, it was better than imagined.”

~Alicia G.

“For the first time in my life I feel that I have the possibility and the inner and outer tools, to start sharing what I truly treasure and believe in with my community: a dimension of embodied awakening where authenticity, growth, connection, love, compassion, full expression of body*mind*soul, joy and celebration, prayer, nourishment, co-creation, creativity, aliveness and freedom can happen. I feel more adult and more ready to take action and responsibility, I feel a readiness (which includes embracing my fears and my vulnerability) to step into the bigger me.”

~Keri G.


Logistics and Investment:

Dates: February 24th – March 19th, 2018

Location: San Marcos, Guatemala

Training Information Call Recording: Click HERE to Listen

Investment for Tuition:

Extra Early Bird Until June 16th – $3500

Early Bird November 15th – $4000

Birdy – $5000

Payment Plans Available Upon Request

Space is limited to 22 leaders… apply below

If your body is telling you this is where it needs to be – LISTEN.

Fill out the application and we will contact you soon.

 You were called here for a reason, NOW is the time to trust it.

Room & Board Costs; for 23 nights, (inclusive of IVA taxes and processing fees)

Shared Cabana  $1169.55

Private Room $1949.25

Private tent $1559.40