Experience Green Living - Simple, Relaxed, and Off the Grid

Deep Green Yoga

Yoga and Permaculture both ask you to be observant, thereby developing a greater awareness of your effect on the world around you. Taking mindful actions in caring for the mind, body, and environment, we create a deep connection with the earth. Permaculture looks to nature as a model for creating a more sustainable culture. It assumes that by observing natural patterns, making conscious decisions, and managing resources well, we can live harmoniously and productively, with less work and less waste.

The Yoga Forest aims to help grow and inspire deep green yogis and yoginis – people dedicated to viewing the environment and their relationship to it in a sustainable manner. We are dedicated to growing our food organically and understanding the organic nature of our relationships to our food, our environment and the people within it. We hope to inspire and connect you to a seed to plate philosophy, and help give you practical skills and resources in order to move towards greater sustainability.

The Yoga Forest has been built using various natural and traditional building methods. We use solar energy for simple electricity and hot water, natural grey water filtering systems for our kitchen and outdoor shower. We cook outdoors with a beautiful rocket stove and barrel oven installation using coppiced woods from the property. We blend our beans and smoothies using a bicycle blender with much joy. We try our best to produce as little waste as possible and continue to explore new endeavors to create a more sustainable community.

As a Retreat Community, we are all responsible for cleaning up after ourselves, including washing our own dishes and helping with a weekly karma yoga shift assisting to prepare and clean up after meals.

This Time lapse shows part of how our Off the Grid lifestyle is experienced at night.