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The Yoga Forest is located in San Marcos la Laguna, in the western highlands of Guatemala. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of mountains looking out over Lake Atitlán towards volcanoes San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlán. Offering a unique retreat space within a tropical food forest with amazing views, comfortable beds, delicious vegetarian meals,  daily yoga and meditation and friendly community living. Specializing in Yoga Teacher Training programs with Kula Collective, Transformational Retreat offerings with amazing international facilitators, Permaculture courses and Sound Trainings.

Amazing Retreats

& Shamanic Healing Cleanses

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Release & Manifest Retreat

Dec 14-21, 2018

Feb 16-23, 2019

Simple and powerful shamanic programs offered in a safe environment which is naturally conducive to the work of letting go of our past and manifesting our dreams. Each day will be filled with lessons that contain stories, insights, systems and tools that can be applied to your personal and professional life. Through methods such as meditation, yoga, reiki, healing arts, journaling and sacred plant medicine ceremonies we will uncover deeper layers of Self and practice the art of living in the present moment.

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RYT200 & RYT300 Yoga Teacher Training Programs

with Kula Collective

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200hr Aug 17- Sep 10, 2018

200hr Oct 9-Nov 2, 2018

300hr Nov 2-Dec 2, 2018

Within each of us lies a guru, a wise one who knows the truth behind each of our thoughts, words, and actions, an ancient soul that sees through to the essence of all things and knows all there is to be known. Through our RYT200 & RYT300 Yoga Teacher Trainings we will help reveal the voice of this wise one, giving you the tools and language you need to share the spiritual practice of yoga and empowering you to trust in the channel of truth you carry. 

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July 15-29, 2018

Jan 19-Feb 2, 2019

Empower yourself, feed your soul and step into the path of your highest Self.  Explore a fusion of the practice and philosophy of the mystical traditions of Nada Yoga, Mantra, Bhakti Yoga and Sound Healing. In this training you will learn how to journey into a deep meditative inquiry on the Source of all Sound and from there find many tools to assist in shifting frequencies, healing emotional and psychological scars and opening parts of the heart and mind that you never knew existed! Come traverse the sphere of your consciousness as we create the space for transformation.

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The Yoga Forest incorporates a balance of teaching, discussion and practice of traditional and modern yoga styles and infuses a shamanic connection to the Earth and her cycles. As yoga is fundamentally an experiential, inner inquiry, students and guests are encouraged both to be aware of checkpoints, and to explore how the practice feels and manifests in their body during any given yoga experience. All levels are welcome, always! Feel free to drop in to our Daily Community Yoga Classes (7am & 4pm).

Permaculture, or Permanent Agriculture, means the conscious design and maintenance of productive ecosystems that have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people, providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. We offer two yearly Permaculture Design Certificate Courses (PDC) courses, in April and August as well as Permaculture Immersions in June & September.