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Soul Seed Gathering - A Traveling Gathering of Women


We are a traveling gathering, a research & education project and a feature-length documentary film.

Each Soul Seed Gathering Chapter is a…

meeting space for women around the world

festival of celebration

immersive retreat of healing

idea forum for positive change

education portal

We are documenting the world of women, the story of the Medicine Woman and the ground-breaking ideas for the future.

Every ticket purchased and every donation made, will help build our community, support local grass-root initiatives, share education open-source online and make you a sponsor of the feature-length documentary film with your name in the credits.


Chapter 1 is taking place in the magical and mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

31st Jan. – 5th Feb. 2017

Guatemala has a rich history and cultural tradition of weaving

We will be learning, exploring and discovering the practice and symbology of weaving.

What is your soul thread? What life journey are you weaving?

Bring your soul threads – creativity, vision, voice, skills, ideas, magic – to weave into our community tapestry.



Soul food (3 meals a day)

Movement classes to include yoga and dance

Ceremony & Ritual


Talks, learning lectures & discussion

Skill workshops

Marketplace – our community space to barter, exchange and sell goods and services.

Healing Space – a community space to give or receive healing work, agreement on exchange made between participants for monetary payment or other exchange.


*The following is to offer a guide and idea of our gathering flow…

Jan 31st – Gathering our soul seeds – Dream Seed Planting

Afternoon arrival & Information

Evening Opening Ceremony - connecting in circle, in community and with the earth.

Feb 1st – Growing with ritual, tools and learning

East of the Wheel

Youth / Shaman – Learning about ceremony & ritual

Sharing visions

Play – movement and creating

Feb 2nd – Nourishing our ideas, visions and creativity

South of the Wheel

Teenage/ Priestess – Blood Mysteries & Sacred Sexuality

Sacred dance & movement

Healing Space

Feb 3rd – Blooming

West of the Wheel

Mother/ Shaman – Birthing what we create

Warrior voice and facing fears

Feb 4th – Celebrating fruits of labour

North of the Wheel

Elder / Witch

Ancestors – Unravelling the mystery

Market Place

Feb 5th – Pollinating

Sunrise commitment ceremony and wedding celebration to self




Inspired by travel, Mother Earth, indigenous, earth-based traditions and the beauty of women’s wisdom all over the world, Hannah is the founder of the Soul Seed Gathering; Sacred Female Space; and co-curator of the Red Tent @ Envision Festival and organiser of the Health & Wellness program @ Festival No6.

Taught yoga and guided meditation in her home country Wales; in Whistler and Vancouver, Canada; at Burning Man, Nevada; Festival No6; on retreats with Island Expeditions in Belize; at The Yoga Forest, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala; and can be mainly found teaching from her home on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Hannah has shared weekly women’s circles and ceremony, for the past 3yrs, and given talks on a wide-range of subjects such as Lucid Dreams, Sacred Sexuality and ‘Women’s Wisdom -the path of the Witch, the Shaman & the Priestess’ at festivals, events and workshops all over the world.

The creator of the ‘Sacred Female Soul Journey’, an online and live 6 day immersion and a year-long, weekly online study and collective.

Hannah is committed to bringing women together, to empower, engage and raise up as a collective. To connect and be present with our bodies, emotions, the Earth, and all our relationships.


Lazarina Todorova is a videographer, video editor and producer, originally from Bulgaria, with a passion for media as a catalyst for social transformation and human betterment around the world. For over 12 years, she has focused on issues such as health and environmental sustainability, human rights, education and gender equity in collaboration with organizations in the NGO sector. Lazarina is the creator of the award-winning biographical documentary “Life After Babylon: The Jungle Diaries” features the stories of four ex-pats from the United States and Israel who have relocated to Costa Rica to create alternative lifestyles.


Shannon Ross has used her formal training in social justice, art, botany, yoga + meditation in a variety of environments including working as a councillor for the Canadian Mental Health Association, as a host for new moon and full moon circles, and guiding Rise in Radiance workshops at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica.

Through her company Sun Moon Nation, Shannon has been making offerings of crystal jewellery + interiors for the last 4 and a half years in a quest to liberate the collective heart.

Shannon believes in the blessings + magic of the ritual + ceremony of art, dancing, singing, drumming and transforming in partnership with the cycles + seasons of mama earth.

Shannon is from Vancouver, Canada and is currently a citizen of the earth. She is working on a Creative Alchemy Curriculum, a collection of drawings + writings developed to unleash the divine creator within.


Gogo Thule Ngane is a Sangoma Medicine Woman, Creatress, and Web Artist born in West Africa and raised/living in the United States. She comes from a background in International Business and Grassroots/Nonprofit Development. She has spent that past 7 years dedicating her desire to serve communities near and far through authentic, soul-filled digital marketing/design as well as gaining and sharing spiritual wisdom that reconnects us back to the earth and our own innate wisdom.

Gogo is a gifted writer & storyteller featured on MindBodyGreen, For Harriet, Wake Up World, and other online publications. She has led workshops at The Envision Festival in Costa Rica and in other communities around Ancestral & Shamanic Healing.

“I know there is powerful liberating medicine in the awakening to the wisdom & power within. My devotion is to all things sacred, transformational, & ancient teachings. I am here to remind you that you were born with power through these sacred earth practices.”


Valerie is a young traveling yogi, experimenting with life and her creativity. She loves art in every form, from drawing to jewellery making; from music to face painting; and whatever she can create our of her hands. A Pacha Mama lover, she's into everything related to plants, stones and Nature in itself. Valerie is part of the Sacred Female Soul Journey Collective and has Witch's blood running through her veins. She's a dreamer, an adventurer and on a mission to spread the Light!



to bring your personal visions and ideas for positive change

to come learn and grow in our community space

to celebrate within the unique location we are in

to come with respect for the local culture


We only have a limited number of tickets, for each chapter, to be able to form an intimate, connected space. BOOK NOW to not miss out.

We have a limited amount of space on-site and a reserved amount of tickets for off-site. Note the cheaper options to buy tickets together with friends - to share a room, bed or tent.

You need to find your own accommodation for ‘tickets only’ and The Yoga Forest is a 25min hike from San Marcos La Laguna, the nearest town.

We will provide a walking guide for sunrise & evening back to town. We ask that you stay on-site during the hours of the gathering, to maintain the community environment.

ALL tickets include 3 soul-nourishing meals a day and all scheduled workshops, ceremonies and classes.

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