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Sacred Journey Yoga & Writing Retreat

A Journey in Sacred Expression

We are each a storyteller within. But what story are we telling ourselves?
"We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are." (Anaïs Nin)

This transformative retreat offers a creative inner adventure through meditation, daily yoga and the use of daily spontaneous self-exploratory writing as an expressive channel to reveal insight from within.

We provide a relaxing space for you to breathe, stretch, connect, and express from your own heart center while sharing in the sacredness of the journey with other kindred souls. We take a step out of our daily lives and into our innate nature to allow for healing and self-discovery, surrounding ourselves with beauty and inviting openness. We create the space to release emotional and energetic layers, to open into deeper self-truths, and to reveal the joy of enchanting and animating our lives from our core.

Inspired by the four shamanic directions, we call in practices that help us to empower ourselves as the storytellers of our lives, and open further into the voices of our heart.

Outer Creative Expression
We practice dynamic and creative self-exploratory exercises with the opportunity to share with the group, providing the opportunity to release our inner voices, speak our experiences, enliven our imagination, and connect with each other.
Many of us channel the immense powers of our imagination to fear - imagining all of the things limiting us from fully expressing ourselves, rather than showing up to the creativity and spontaneity of the moment.
Spontaneous writing gives us a key inside. When we have only a short time to respond to a prompt, we are able to sneak past our internal filters and unlock personal truths and insights.
Inner Story Exploration
With raw expression, we play at exploring the inner stories that limit and shape us - what are the lenses we look through, limiting beliefs we narrate, character roles we play, plots we repeat, and words that entrap us? We seek to transcend these limiting perceptions.
Releasing the energy caught inside of these "creative blocks" is a spiritual practice of opening into more of who we are. As we explore our inner stories and perspectives with honesty and compassion, a voice begins to emerge more authentic and true. We reclaim our story by the pen of our open heart.


Four Directions & Sacred Journey

We will thematically bring in the four directions insights and practices for an inspired journey.

The four directions - embodied by the serpent, the jaguar, the hummingbird, and the eagle - beckon us into an adventure of higher levels of perception and experience. They call us to dis-identify from the self-limiting perspectives and stories that hold us out of harmony with ourselves and the world, and bring us back to our heart. We look beyond what seems real, to become aware of how we help shape our reality and our experiences. We are invited to recognize our role as storyteller and envision our lives into greater beauty. 


Meditation & Yoga

With the space for meditation and daily guided yoga, we bring our awareness and our intentions back to ourselves. We reconnect with the direct sensory experience of our breath, of our motion, of our stillness, of our mat, and become increasingly aware of the power of the energy we bring to each moment.

Meditation & yoga encourage a stillness that enables us to release beyond our daily thoughts and return to our quiet center, a place that connects to a deep source of possibility and love far beyond our daily awareness.  As we become present to the moment, we become fully present to ourselves.


Daily Flow

To allow for weekend flights, guests will arrive in the afternoon on Saturday, February 7th to relax and settle in. We'll have dinner and a brief opening session on Saturday evening. Our daily flow will begin on Sunday, February 8th.


6.15-8.30        Meditation & Yoga
8.30-9.30       Breakfast
10.00-12.30    Spontaneous Writing Exercises/Discussion
12.30-1.30      Lunch
1.30-2.45       Restorative Yoga
2.30-5.30      Spontaneous Writing Exercises/Discussion
6.00-7.00      Dinner
7.30               Candlelit (Messages Within) Meditations*

*some evenings

Yoga classes will be suitable for all levels. We'll include a morning break on one or two days to relax, hike, swim, or visit the village. We will complete the retreat at noon on Friday, February 13th in time to catch afternoon shuttles to Antigua or Guatemala City. Or if you like, linger in the beauty of The Yoga Forest and Lake Atitlán.

About the Facilitator

As long as she can remember, Aimee Hansen has had a curious attraction to playing with words and metaphors. Ten years ago she began sneaking away from the office for creative writing classes at Central Saint Martins College in London and has since published travel articles and a short story.
Longing for more authentic and meaningful plot in her life, she left her corporate job in London to travel around the globe for two years. In 2012, she landed in Guatemala. Her intensive self-studies with an intuitive mentor who called her "the storyteller", and her own passion for human insight, have led her on a fascinating journey into the nature of truth and authenticity. Her teaching explores the power of the stories we tell within our lives and invites a creative adventure in perception.
Currently she is writing a novel about the storyteller within and children's stories. She also holds a 200+ hr yoga teacher certification. She is inspired and humbled by witnessing how something raw and honest in the human spirit aches to open, when given the invitation. She began Storyteller Within retreats to share in the inspiring experience of exploring our humanity.

Retreat Cost
Storyteller Within Retreat Cost: US$695, the first four signups receive a discounted rate of US$625.
Storyteller Within sessions (10)
6 nights accommodation (shared cabañas - up to 4 people in each)*
Breakfast, lunch, & dinner - delicious vegetarian food
Twice daily guided yoga
Mayan sauna (temascal)

Cost Excludes: Traveling costs to & from the retreat, travel insurance etc.

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