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Rewild Guatemala Retreat

Full retreat dates April 12-26, 2017, Yoga Forest dates, April 14-25, 2016

Immerse yourself into the lush mountainside jungle of the Yoga Forest; an all inclusive, off grid, eco-village, in the heart of Guatemala. As you overlook the expansive Lake Atitlán, a deep breath of fresh jungle air fills your lungs, welcoming you home.

A fifteen day retreat away from technology and daily responsibilities, opens an opportunity for connecting with nature, yourself, and with others. During your all-inclusive experience, enjoy daily sunrise and evening yoga, workshops in yogic massage, acro yoga, contact dance, reiki, aerial therapeutics, and a five day-15 hour permaculture course.

Enjoying your day swimming, kayaking, zip-lining, slacklining, hiking to waterfalls and volcano peaks, or simply relaxing and rejuvenating with a lakeside massage.

Easily boat to surrounding villages, exploring the land and vibrant artisan markets. The activities and sights around Lake Atitlán are seemingly endless, making the Yoga Forest the perfect place to call home.

Once the sun sets over the lake and the stars come out, let loose with Ecstatic Dance, Cacao Ceremonies, songs by the campfire, sharing circles, and sauna sessions,all in the heart of the jungle.

ReWild is designed with everything taken care of for you; three daily organic and vegetarian meals, ground transportation, accommodations,activities, and workshops.

All you have to do is sign up.


Come and ReTreat Yourself!


•Develop confidence and trust through partner Acro Yoga

•Energetic Awakening with Breathwork

•Find steadiness and ease through Yoga

•Develop a deeper connection with yourself and others during Tantric practices & massage.

•Feeling and moving together as one in Contact Dance

•  Gain new Permaculture perspectives on self sufficiency and growing your own food while we learn to work with nature.  

•Experience a childlike way of feeling, a free-flowing way of being in the moment through play.

•Let your curiosity run wild, exploring the surrounding jungle, waterfalls, Lake Atitlan and nearby villages.

Areas of discovery & exploration

Self empowerment Developing heartfelt connection with others Learning how to grow and sustain meaningful relationships Fulfillment through gratitude Immersion into nature and natural living Freedom to play, freedom to cry The ability to let go of control, harmonized with the clarity of intention Self care, self love, seeing the self in others • Discovering how to create the foundation for an ideal life Explore living in a off grid community •Rock the boundary boat:exploring life outside the comfort zone  ( =magical ) •Awareness of our minds, our bodies, our emotions and the world around us •


*$1275 USD - EXTRA EARLYBIRD land package (includes taxes) (Ends October 12)

 *$1350 USD - EARLYBIRD land package (includes taxes)  (October 12 - January 12)

 *$1425 USD - RIGHT ON TIME!! land package (includes taxes) (January 12 Onwards)

  *$1890 USD - Extra Earlybird with round trip flight included (prices vary by departure city)

Yoga Forest Daily Schedule

6.15-7.00am Meditation

7.00-8.30am Hatha / Vinyasa Flow Yoga class

8.30-9.30am Breakfast

12.30-1.30pm Lunch

4:00-5:30pm Restorative / Yin Yoga / Workshops

6:30-7:30pm Dinner

8:30 - 10:00 Workshops / Music Jams/ Dances/ Sauna/ Fires

    * Everything is optional, feel free to join us during workshops, meals, and daily classes or be inspired to adventure elsewhere.

    **April 17th- April 21th - Permaculture course 9:30- 12:30 *


Day 1: April 12th - Arrive in Guatemala City Airport, travel by shuttle to Antigua. Stay at Casa Del Agua in Antigua

Day 2: April 13th - @ Casa Del Agua in Antigua

Day 3: April 14th - Travel by boat to San Marcos La Laguna and hike up to the Yoga Forest.

Day 4: April 15th -  @ Yoga Forest

Day 5: April 16th -  @ Yoga Forest -

Day 6: April 17th -   @ Yoga Forest - Morning Permaculture

Day 7: April 18th-    @ Yoga Forest - Morning Permaculture

Day 8: April 19th -   @ Yoga Forest - Morning Permaculture

Day 9: April 20th-   @ Yoga Forest - Morning Permaculture

Day 10: April 21st -  @ Yoga Forest - Morning Permaculture

Day 11: April 22nd - @ Yoga Forest

Day 12: April 23-      @Yoga Forest

Day 13: April 24 -     @ Yoga Forest

Day 14-: April 25th- Leave the Yoga Forest in the morning and travel back to Casa Del Agua in Antigua

Day 15: April 26th - Farewell hugs with newfound friends, and flights back from Guatemala City


Jeff Kirdeikis

Jeff is an all loving, playful, open hearted, international yogi from Canada, who has a dedication to passion, expression, and enjoying life fully. Jeff has found his way around the world sustained by a blissfully endless life of learning and sharing his passions of Yoga, Massage, Dance, Acro-Yoga, Reiki, and Holistic Living. Accepting and compassionate, Jeff is a soft heart in an absolutely energized body. He loves spending time in nature. Staying active, hiking, slacklining, surfing, climbing trees, or getting a good stretch on in the grass, is his definition of a good day.

Lisa Delwo

Lisa thrives off organic living, and dreams of a life of sustainability and community. Living in amazement with nature and its beautiful cycles, she has learned permaculture techniques in Canada and Central America. The past two summers she has devoted time to building and organizing the construction of a Straw Bale Temple in Alberta, a sacred space made primarily out of the earth. Expressing herself through movement and many styles of dance is her passion, and currently co-creates a contemporary dance production that performs locally and at festivals. In her day job Lisa is a Physical and Occupational Therapy Assistant, providing physical and mental rehabilitation and care to people with acute injuries, special needs and the elderly.

Her intention for this trip is to hold space for you to discover, adventure and be your unfiltered self. She loves to open hearts to new lands, cultures, languages and an organic, communal way of life, leaving everyone to feel like they are inspired and expanded.

Ronja Sebastian

Ronja Sebastian is a Sensual Awakening & Feminine Embodiment expert from Sweden, and the founder of the Samasati Women’s Temple Deepening Booty Camp, as well as the Sensual Yogini Online Academy for Women. She is a certified Tao Tantric Arts teacher of Tantra and Qigong, a Transformational Breath coach, massage therapist, a professional dancer, yogini and passionate world traveller.

Ronja facilitates women’s workshops and mixed retreats around the world, often collaborating with DJ’s, musicians and other creatives. She is also a part of the core team for – the world’s leading online Tantra platform.

Currently she’s sharing/teaching about how to wake up to our true nature as pure Awareness/Presence/Consciousness – and how to integrate that into the human experience of emotions and relationships – so that we can open to deep love while living in a state of freedom no matter the circumstances…

Her motto: “Live your dream. Love deeply. Be YOU. Limitless.”

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