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Loveolution Retreat


You are invited to come together to pray, purify, sing, dance and celebrate the blessing of this life! Together we will cast a circle of unconditional love, where all is welcome, where as equals we hold sacred space to fully feel.  We have the opportunity to release layers of illusion that limit us and reclaim our original innocence so that we may embody our divinity, experience, true freedom, true unity, shine in our fullest potential, & step more powerfully onto our path of  service with joy! 

We will be working with the master plant teachers of the jungle and the mountains.  There is something truly magical in the alchemy of the feminine & the masculine, in the teachings of the Grandmothers & Grandfathers.  We get to go deep into the darkness of the womb in our own space, then balance with the divine light and clarity of the masculine in a day of community celebration. 

We will journey deep together into the heart of presence where the magic is always alive, guided by practices of :

  • Yin & Shamanic Flow Yoga 
  • Breath work & Sounding 
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Deep Enquiry  
  • Sharing Circles
  • Tantric Partner exercises 
  • Deep Earth Connection
  • Sound Healing
  • Sauna & Plant Baths
  • Gratitude Flower Ceremony
  • Sacred Songs & Prayers around the Fire,
  • Water Prayers & Blessings to support the Grandmothers & Grandfathers teachings

Transform with transmissions from the Master Plant teachers, Guided Meditation, Ritual, Breath work, Deep Enquiry Groups & Partner work. Awaken the wisdom and power of your heart as we experience deep connection with others, with all life, and the true meaning of Yoga ~ union with your spirit - the part of you intimately connected to all that is.

Reclaim your original innocence, allow your inner child to come out and play. Celebrate embodying your body temple with pure presence, passion & radiance! Leave feeling lighter, freer, empowered, clear on your purpose and path.

This retreat is suitable for all ages and levels of experience, all we need is an open heart. We have a team of experienced, loving beings to support in the ceremonies and entire journey. Great care will be taken to ensure that everyone feels prepared for the ceremonies, has support in integration and feels safe and comfortable at all times. Many people are bringing family members, all are welcome!

Our main intention is to hold a safe and nourishing space for a deep transformational journey where everything is welcome and held in unconditional love. Each of us is here to support all individual and collective needs throughout the journey.

Love Ixchel, Dustin, Saraswati & Jayananda


Words from the heart from previous Loveolution Retreat participants:

I can not thank you enough for our last retreat. I feel it has completely transformed my life. I'm another person in so many ways, and it feels wonderful. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, and the job you are doing with this medicine on this planet, is magnificent..I feel your work is far greater than any of us can even imagine. SO GREATFUL!!! ~ Sara, Denmark
Thank you for creating such a nurturing environment - your mother nature was truly shining brightly with so much tender love and care for each of us. It felt as if everything was prepared just for me; the teachings and ceremonial songs you shared, were calling directly to my true heart. You allowed a deep wisdom to flow through to all in sharing your beautiful voice, confident experience as well the vulnerable moments, creating an honest space for unlimited discovery together. I was able to take away from the experience more that I could have expected or hoped for. I step forward into my renewed self with a deep gratitude for the great abundance that I am blessed with in my life. ~ Chelsea, Australia
Thank you for sharing and holding space. I feel like I was held in a womb of healing and renewal, blooming in the light of your grace. ~ Heidi, USA



Ixchel Rachel Love

Ixchel embodies the essence of Ma, exuding unconditional love, in her soft, yet fierce grace and authenticity.  She is here to serve by inspiring and empowering others to activate their full potential & awaken the wisdom of the heart.  Her work bridges the masculine teachings of mindfulness & non-dualism with the more feminine path of Tantra, infused with deep devotion.

Drawing upon wisdom from the earth, this modern day Priestess weaves together her passions, offering ceremonies, workshops and retreats with yoga, breathwork, sound healing, singing circles, dance, sweat lodge, satsang & sharing circles.  Her powerful presence & dedication to holding a safe space inspires spontaneous joy & authentic embodiment of the truth of who we are – pure love. 

She has been on the path of yoga and remembrance for 16 years and now lives in Bali with her son and global family in an artist’s community she started 11 years ago.  She created Soma café with her father, the Ubud community hub for gathering, music jams and inspiration.  She is committed to spreading the Love-olution around the world through ceremonial retreats with her beloved Dustin.



Dustin's powerful presence, radiant smile, and deep sensitivity make him a peaceful warrior whose presence you can relax in.


His journey of discovery began with a deep connection to the body, working in physical training and sports, and has led him to the path of Hatha Yoga & bodywork.  He loves to offer Tibetan massage, Thai abdominal massage, and traditional Thai massage to bring the body into it's highest alignment.

Dustin holds gatherings for men to embody their divine masculine essence through practices of meditation, breathwork, cleansing rituals, ecstatic dance, sharing circles, and prayer. The MANifestation gatherings are focused upon weaving the simple ways of our ancestors, connecting with the elements, and supporting each brother's growth and evolution.  

He is committed to spreading the Love-olution around the world through ceremonial retreats with his beloved Ixchel Love.


Jayananda is a proclaimed apprentice of the Sacred, uniquely carrying the powerful medicine inherent in all of the worlds wisdom traditions through the ‘joining of Dot and Feather’ from eastern philosophies to indigenous practices and disciplines. Grounded in the teachings of Advaita Vedanta Jaya weaves openly through his life passions of Tantra, Yoga, Shamanism, Music and Sound Healing into a teaching prayerful and poetic.

A multi instrumentalist, he infuses the wisdom of Bhakti and Nada Yoga, devotional Song and deep listening. His Healing Sound carries a strong message for us all as it carries us deep into the space of ceremony of which shines the wonders of the Medicine path and the many healing tools that have been initiated through Jayananda.

A published author of three poetry works Jaya’s words have been celebrated as joyful reminders of the path we walk. Sharing through hearts a special joy of living, through breath and song, Jaya's teachings touch an eternity that is always with us, inspiring us into the realms of the Great Mystery.

Saraswatī Hayley

A devoted yogi, Permaculture activist, and idea alchemist, Saraswati dreamed up The Yoga Forest in early 2009. Her passion for wellness paired with her vision of sustainable living led to the development of this unique retreat center in San Marcos la Laguna on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Guiding people from all over the world to devote time to learn and grow in conscious community, she loves to sing, dance and create ceremony in every moment as an expression of the heart, spending time in the forest, contemplating oneness within nature as well spending precious moments with her newborn son Elijah Rumi.

Saraswati's passion for conscious green living and yogic lifestyle practices, led her to years of dedication to yoga and Permaculture practice, and she continues to be fascinated by the similar concepts fundamental to both philosophies. Following a deep connection for nature and the elements she traveled to Peru 4 years ago to complete an advanced yoga training with a focus in shamanic cleansing where she discovered her Kula - a spiritual community of the heart. One of 8 co-founding members of the Kula Collective, Saraswati leads various Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats at The Yoga Forest and throughout the world with her partner Jaya and her Kula tribe.



US$1100 Shared cabana  (single bed - 4 per cabin)  **US$950 early bird rate  ($150 off)

US$1100 Private room double occupancy (queen bed)   **US$950 early bird rate  ($150 off)

US$1250 Private room single occupancy (queen bed)   **US$1100 early bird rate  ($150 off)

**Early bird rates require full payment before 21st August 2017


5 nights in shared accommodation, all retreat activities (see above list), Ceremonies, and three vegetarian meals daily

Registration & Information

Please email Ixchel and Dustin at for more information and registration. Payments can be made to,