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Lunar Yoga Immersion June

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice in a unique holistic community? We are excited to offer our Lunar Yoga Immersion Program. As a lunar yogi/ yogini you will spend a month immersed in all facets of the four traditional paths of yoga; Raja, Bhakti, Jnana and Karma Yoga.

Beginning with the new moon, we invite yogis/ yoginis to join us for a month of growth and sharing centered around the lunar cycle and in harmony with the Medicine Wheel cycle of the Four Winds. The new moon encourages us to set great intention and manifestation to each cycle. We then move through each of the directions; shedding layers, exploring mental and emotional patterns, embracing the joy and delight of the experience of life, love and community, moving towards greater perception and elevated consciousness.

Each day begins with morning meditation followed by a holistic yoga class centered around the daily theme of where we are in each cycle. After breakfast he mornings are spent in community with morning prayers, light karma yoga practice, and time for self reflection or learning about Permaculture. After lunch we explore Yoga Wisdom as an inner inquiry into Self, later rejuvenating and relaxing with a restorative/ yin yoga class. We encourage time for self exploration, reflection and journaling. Evening satsangs each week also offer a time to gather to share and reflect our truths, and sing and celebrate together.

Spaces are limited!! If you are interested in joining us as a Lunar yogi/ yogini for a month of transformative growth and learning, please complete the Application Form and email the completed form to, and see our Lunar Yoga Immersion page for more details.