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Embracing the Mystery; A Sacred Journey in Feminine Wisdom

When a woman has owned her passionate nature, allowing love to flood her heart, her thoughts grow wild and fierce and beautiful. Her juices flow. Her heart expands. She has thrown off crutch and compromise. She has glimpsed the enchanted kingdom, the vast and magical realms of the Goddess within her. Here, all things are transformed. And there is a purpose to this: that the world might be mothered back to a great and glorious state. When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.

-Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth


The time is now…

This is a call for every woman to honor and embrace her innate wisdom and step forward into her true power.

Join Stacey Vann and Christa Sonnier for an off-grid, eco retreat in the highlands of Guatemala surrounded by a trinity of majestic volcanoes, overlooking the mystical Lake Atitlan.  While here, you can expect to unplug completely from the demands of your daily life and devote yourself to your own healing and self-care. This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into your true soul work.  Awaken, explore and uncover the richness, strength, power and potential resting at your depth.

During this 7 day transformational retreat, you will be completely held in a container of safety and support. Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America, is often called the belly button of the Earth. We will use this metaphor and enter the womb of the Earth here, staying connected to our guides and helpers and the support of the land around us. Christa and Stacey are also skilled in the art of holding space in a way that supports, nurtures and empowers all who come into their care.

Our journey will take us into the world of our shadow to embrace our vulnerability and explore the mystery and wisdom at the deepest level of our being. We will emerge reborn, stronger, lighter, more connected, and with a clearer vision on how to manifest our dreams in the world. When we deeply and authentically connect to ourselves on all of these levels, we can connect to others in more meaningful ways.

During our time together, we will use the archetypes of the Divine Feminine as our compass. Explorations of the Goddess energy, the elements, the lunar cycles, and the chakras will fuel our time together. Through daily yoga practices, meditations, and soulful connections, we will learn how to activate this feminine energy within our daily lives and help bring more balance and harmony to the world around us.

If you are feeling guided to come, we welcome you.

Your soul is calling you. Will you answer?


The 7 Day Retreat will include:

Daily Yoga Classes (Kundalini Yoga , Restorative Yoga and Gentle Vinyasa)

Guided Meditations, Celestial Communication, and Journey Work

Sacred Sharing Circles

Journaling and Dream Weaving

Intuitive Healing, Energy Medicine, and Shamanic Practices


Cacao Ceremony

Mayan Fire Ceremony

Sauna and Plant Baths

Optional Guided nature hikes to nearby volcanoes and waterfalls



Early Bird $1095 (pay by December 1st)

After December 1st: $1200

Includes 7 nights accommodations, 3 gourmet vegetarian meals daily, and activities listed above.

Does not include: Air travel, travel insurance, or extras (meals away, optional wellness therapies, optional hikes, etc)


Christa Sonnier 

Christa has been working closely with children and families for the past 17 years as a yoga instructor, doula,  Life Coach and Montessori teacher. She is also co-owner of Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center in Pensacola, FL. Christa earned her 200 hour yoga certification in 2007 and is also certified in Sonia Sumar's Yoga for the Special Child.  She specializes in teaching yoga for children with autism and ADHD, both in small group classes and in one-on-one therapeutic sessions. Christa loves teaching children because they inspire and challenge her to see the world in new and unique ways. Her years of experience in the classroom as a certified Montessori teacher gave her the opportunity to hone her classroom management skills. She uses her intuition to uncover ways to help each child honor the unfolding of his or her true spirit. All of her children's classes offer a combination of compassion, creativity, and spontaneity, and she never travels to a class without a "bag of tricks." 

Christa is also an intuitive healer and certified crystal healer and weaves in an exploration of crystals and energy awareness into her work with children. Her mission is to both nurture children’s spiritual awareness and to help ground them in the physical body, maintaining and strengthening their connection between heaven and earth.

In 2014, along with her business partner, Stacey Vann, she founded Galactic Child Yoga. She currently teaches regular Galactic Child Yoga classes for children ages 3-12, prenatal yoga, and other specialty classes in Pensacola, FL.

Stacey Vann

Stacey Vann loves living along the beautiful Emerald Coast in Pensacola, Florida with her loving husband, Matthew, and two inspirational sons, Mishael and Dakota, where the sun, sand, and surf enliven their souls. Stacey is a Yoga Alliance certified ERYT 500 yoga teacher with 20 years of experience teaching “Babies to Grandparents,” co-owner and 200 Hour lead teacher trainer at Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center, Founder of Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, Holistic minister & Life coach, doula, reflexologist, dream weaver, and essential oil guru.

 Stacey lives in deep gratitude each day for the opportunity to share her passion for yoga, meditation, community, self-realization, and holistic health. Stacey shares with spiritual seekers the light and wisdom of yoga that a daily spiritual discipline cultivates deep stillness, awareness, contentment, and alignment with your true purpose. Yoga is the experience of truly knowing thy self and the process of integrating the mind, body, emotions, and Spirit. Stacey listens with an open and compassionate heart to your innate wisdom because you ultimately design the process that will lead the way to the life you dream of.  Stacey values honesty, authenticity, courage, and adventure. We are all mirrors for each other. When you see beauty, divinity, sweetness, and truth in the soul of another, you are seeing the goodness that resides in your soul. Stacey’s intention is to share the transformational process of yoga, meditation, and mantra with her other offerings of life coaching, Shakti Dance, essential oils, oracle cards, and journaling.

In Love & Light,

Stacey & Christa


Contact The Facilitators:  

Christa Sonnier:

Stacey Vann:   -  +1 850-572-6562