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Creative Thai Massage Retreat

Thai Yoga Massage is a truly wonderful experience for both giver and receiver as energy blockages are released, boundaries dissolve and deep healing occurs in a space of presence and meditation.

Two week Creative Thai Massage Retreat infused with dance, play, therapeutic flying and lots of love!! We will come together to share experience, skills and love of this amazing healing art.

The course will focus on the teaching of Thai massage as a way of life and during this time you will live this magical lifestyle.... exploring, feeling, opening, dancing, chanting, stretching, and harmonizing oneself living within nature and in community.

You will learn techniques in traditional Thai massage, reflexology, contact improvisation, harmonics, anatomy, 5 elements dance, Ayurveda and therapeutic flying!

.A little history:

Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in the Indian systems of Yoga and Ayurveda. It is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Baccha, the legendary founder of Thai massage. He was a physician to the Sangha, the order of Buddhist monks and nuns, at the time of the Buddha. The Thais call him Doctor Shivago and to this day honor him as “The Father of Medicine”.

Around 2000 years ago Thai Massage was brought from India to Thailand along with Buddhism. Since then it has been practiced, developed and handed down through the generations. It was never seen solely as massage but as a spiritual practice, and until fairly recently was mostly practiced in Thai Buddhist temples.

A little theory:
Thai Yoga Massage is a very holistic therapy where the human being is seen and treated as an ever-changing network of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that all influence each other. Its primary aim is to restore and balance the body’s energy system which comprises of a multitude of energy lines that run through the body. These energy lines cannot be seen by most people, but it is possible to feel them. They are part of many Eastern healing traditions. In the West the Chinese acupuncture meridians are the most well-known version.

Thai Yoga Massage therapists work on 10 main meridians to ensure optimum health and wellbeing. These meridians are called Sip Sen in Thai, or the ten Sen. The vital life force that is called Prana in Sanskrit, Chi in Chinese and Ki in Japanese, travels through these meridians, supplying the body with the energy that is necessary for its survival and healthy functioning.

Due to physical or emotional trauma, bad posture, injuries or limiting belief systems this energy can get trapped or blocked, causing physical and emotional dis-ease. Thai Yoga Massage with its amazing multitude of techniques and adjustments can release these blockages and bring the body back to its natural equilibrium where perfect balance and well being are present.

  Randi Schiffman and Niss Bach

Randi Schiffman and Niss Bach

Envisioned Creative Thai Massage Retreat Schedule:
6:15 Meditation (optional)
7:00 Yoga (optional)
8:30 Breakfast
9:30 Thai Massage
12:30 Lunch
15:30 Thai Massage/ Creative Class (ie Dance, Games etc.)
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Evening Activities (ie Bonfire, Dance, Music, Kirtan)


Randi and Niss have both studied extensively from world renowned teachers in Thailand and work together to bring this ancient wisdom alive through their Creative Thai Massage Retreats they share around the world. While Randi teaches more traditional approaches to Thai Massage, Niss fuses tradition with creative ways to heal the body, mind and spirit. Their teachings are both holistic and balance well with one another. Randi teaches with more fire, dynamic stretching and deep tissue work, while Niss teaches with more water, therapeutic techniques, and energetics. They both teach yoga and meditation and infuse yogic principles and practices applicable to Thai Massage.

Pricing for Creative Thai Massage Retreat

Tuition Price $1000 - to be paid direct to facilitators - see registration link below

Room & Board Options - paid direct to The Yoga Forest - see link below

Shared Cabañas US$560

Private Circus Tent Single US$700

Private Circus Tent Double US$1000 (for two people in a queen bed)

Private Room Single US$850

Private Room Double US$1100 (for two people in a queen bed)

All prices include three delicious vegetarian meals daily, morning meditation and yoga classes and the retreat schedule.

About the facilitators:

Niss Bach

After continuing his studies with Thai massage and water treatments in Mexico Laos and Thailand, Niss has returned back to his home in San Marcos with The Yoga Forest. Niss is a world traveler since the age of 20. Originally from Jerusalem, he has been living in different communities and having different experiences in order to decide what kind of community he would like to be involved in and help create. He became involved with The Yoga Forest in 2011 and his investments of energy have helped create the beautiful Yoga Shala.

Niss is an artist. He began studying dance in high school and moved into Circus Arts in 2003, where he studied in Israel and Madrid. After 8 years of performing on stage, on the streets and in festivals, he fused his knowledge of movement into the healing arts of Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy. Niss has many gifts to share: he speaks four languages and is a dynamic problem solver within communities; he offers group forming camps and workshops as well as astrology readings.

Niss is currently practicing a Tibetan practice called Dzogchen or “Great Perfection”, it is the highest and most definitive path to enlightenment.

Words from a recent student of Niss';

"Niss is a playful, creative and grounded force. He has a gentle strength that beams from his essence. During his retreat i felt like i was truly nurtured. he has a magic for creating a space of loving compassion, turning a group of strangers into intimate family. his knowledge in the healing arts is vast and i learned and grew so much while having so much Fun! I am eager to play again soon!!" Alila la Luna



Randi Schiffman

Randi turned to yoga to heal on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The practice quickly evolved into a lifestyle that she honors, respects, and is delighted to share with others. Through her personal experience and healing, she has the power to make authentic connections with others and is inspired to bring it to everyone who is called to step on this path. She has watched her own transformation and growth and is inspired to help facilitate this healing for others.
Randi is certified at the 500hr level with SchoolYoga Institute and has helped to establish the Mystical Yoga Farm, an experiential Permaculture and yoga retreat center on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Randi continues to teach and practice wherever she is in the world. She facilitates 200hr and 500hr yoga teacher training courses and retreats in Mexico, Central, and South America and is expanding to more locations worldwide. She is also a certified Thai Masseuse and uses her passion of this ancient practice and applies it when teaching the art of alignment and adjustments.
She is the founder of SuryaFlow: The Art of Sacred Movement. “The SuryaFlow philosophy stems from the way that I live my life.  It unites ancient practices with breath awareness to bring about joyful living. It encourages tapping into our natural rhythm to create harmony and balance and ultimately results in an awakening to the knowledge that we are all rays of light; unique extensions of the sun.”
In the Light of Love. We are One….



Sonal Aggarwal

Sonal Aggarwal is the embodiment of razor sharp, fierce bliss, cutting through that which does not serve to bring forth boundless bliss. She is a professional mischief maker, awakening people to the power of the elements as a certified firewalker and Janzu instructor.  She has been traveling, teaching, and performing all over the world for over 12 years. As a facilitator, she creates a powerful and safe container to allow deep transformation to occur naturally.  She empowers people to embrace their own creative expression and celebrate their bodies and voices.