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Birth into Being with Nily Goldenberg

What is Birth Into Being?

Birth Into Being is a unique self-development method that enables us to undo the unwanted and limiting side-effects of stressful or even traumatic events we‘ve all experienced during the course of our lives. Since these effects have been stored in our nervous system, they affect how we think, feel and act today, in many ways.  They also influence our health and how our body responds to our environment, especially under pressure.

Birth Into Being is a system of principles and techniques that helps us to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our reality. It opens up to new possibilities and dimensions that we were not able to see before.

The full program consists of 20 processes and 18 exercises designed to transform negative experiences from our childhood, youth and adulthood. These techniques are able to alter what is called the limbic imprint, our earliest impressions which were formed during gestation in our mother’s womb, during birth and childhood. The Birth Into Being Method enables us to resolve both conscious and unconscious inner conflicts, granting access to untapped resources and abilities.

What is Birth Into Being based on?

Long-term scientific studies have shown that stressful or traumatic events leave lasting imprints in our nervous system for the rest of our lives.  These imprints constantly influence the way we feel, think and act, affecting the quality of our relationships, creativity, vitality, focus and general sense of wellbeing.

This means that our lenses of perception rarely allow us to see reality as it is but instead our response to life is based on or past experiences. Stressful or traumatic events still have an impact on us even if we have no cognitive memory of them.

"Over 15 years I tried all sorts of methods which were valuable, but usually at a certain point I would hit a wall. Birth into Being is the one method I have found that touches the places inside me in a way that has had a profound effect on how I understand myself and how I live my life as a result. I never would have guessed that the issues I was having in my relationships actually started around the time I was born and had more to do with my parent’s issues than my own. That was a hugely empowering realisation. I’m so relieved to establish a strong connection with my own inner voice. It’s been six months now since the training and the world still feels different." - Zoey Stark, Killeen, USA

Research has proven that during 9 months of gestation, babies are directly affected by the chemistry of the amniotic fluids in the mother's womb and this has a lifelong impact on the baby. All our experiences during the entire time our bodies are forming, from conception throughout childhood, are registered by the new nervous system as the way of life, as 'basic settings' and are usually considered permanent. Whatever is happening with the mother is affecting the baby.

Our experiences in the mothers womb directly depend on the mothers experience: Her feelings her thoughts, her diet, her daily activities and mainly her relationship with the father of the baby have a direct chemical equivalent that the baby receives in the womb. This is especially true for the baby's experience of being born. If the delivery is accompanied by medical intervention, such as drug administration and induction of birth, high levels of stress hormones in the mother's body, premature cutting of the cord, separation right after birth, lack of breast feeding etc., the baby's nervous system acts like a sponge and memorizes on a cellular level the anxiety and pain from those exeiences.

The latest research shows that one of the main factors in the baby's well-being are the relationship between the mother and the father during the formative period. Feelings that the future parents trigger in each other are being recognized by the baby on a chemical level and create the baseline of perception of the world as a safe or unsafe place.

Our parent's general attitude towards life,  each other, their self-image, and interaction with the world set the baby's nervous system for a very specific perception of life and will be a baseline for their emotional and behavioral patterns.

Impactful events later on in life are rooted in our first sensory experiences. If we were bullied at school, failed at the workplace or in our love life, felt abandoned or lonely, helpless, unstable, or misunderstood the answers for these issues can be found in our formative period.

When we feel ineffective, counterproductive, out of balance, we can easily recognize that we carry a specific undesirable pattern which most likely has its earliest origins from a time when our cortex was not fully developed yet, so we can't really 'think ourselves out' of the conflict zone.

What is the “limbic imprint“?

Our perception of the world during our early phase of development influences how we perceive and interact with the world today. This phenomenon is a basic function of our nervous system to archive our interpretations of reality and is called 'limbic imprint'. Experiences we have later in life are determined by the limbic imprint and further reinforce the views of reality that were encoded into the archive.

The limbic imprint is formed in the limbic part of the brain which governs our emotions and is not controlled by our cortex which governs our intellect.

The limbic imprint is our emotional navigator, dictating our expectations and reactions, our likes and dislikes, our tendencies, preferences and addictions, our resistance and anxiety. This explains why it is so difficult to stop certain behavioral patterns and addictions with a mental effort, because they are anchored in a different part of the brain that is not controlled by cognitive process.

The limbic imprint influences when we feel secure and when we feel insecure regardless of the objective level of risk. It influences our learning ability, our creativity, our ability to express ourselves or be intimitely involved. It determines our ability for friendship and happiness, basic resistance to life, apathy or frustration.

"I never understood why I had such a hard time making changes in my life and getting over my habit to procrastinate, or completely avoid doing stuff that I knew would be good for me. Birth Into Being not only helped me understand why, but also helped me reach a degree of freedom and sense of choice I never had before." -Jenny Wolfort, New York, USA

The limbic imprint also influences our interpersonal dynamics and emotional availability with our friends and family. It affects our capacity for full awareness of our own feelings and our ability to balance healthy boundaries with effective compassion for others.

The limbic imprint defines if we‘re self-confident or inhibited, open or withdrawn, focused or distracted, creative or blocked in our creative expression. It influences our financial and personal success, and affects the level of resistance we have in our everyday life. Some of the aspects of the limbic imprint also influence our physiology. Women are likely to give birth the way they were born due to their limbic imprint. Our tendency to develop psychosomatic conditions and handle life's challenges are also tied into our early imprints.

What is the outcome?

The techniques of the Birth Into Being Method neutralize the effects of negative imprints by enabling us to integrate new, empowering emotional, mental and physical reference points.

"I’m new to this kind of work and I don’t normally open up easily, especially in a group setting. I was amazed at how easy it was for me to let go, and feel supported by such wonderful people, without feeling uncomfortable. I was able to heal some of my most private issues with I was not able to resolve during 11 years of therapy. I felt completely safe and accepted." - Jeffrey Brent, San Diego, USA

The processes and exercises of the method enable us to draw unconscious memories to the surface that go back to the time before, during and after our birth, and alter the effect these memories have on us. They empower us to let go of invisible restraints, insecurities, as well as our coping and defense strategies, helping let go of the protective armor we developed while being frightened or stressed. These techniques work, no matter if we know anything about our birth or not and no matter whether we actually remember the events that triggered these insecurities, or if we only assume that something must have happened that holds us back in life today.

"I didn't actually have an idea what ‘anchoring a new reference point in the nervous system’ meant. Now I know. It means having such an intense feeling of getting what I need that I will never forget it for the rest of my life." - Mina Bedi, New Delhi, India

The Birth Into Being method allows us to alter the emotional and behavioral patterns which cannot be controlled with our intellect alone. The method does not dictate what and how to think, feel, or behave, instead it offers empowering life-affirming alternatives to our original limbic imprint in the form of new experiences that neutralize the diminishing effects of our previous conditioning. In an increadibly short time, it grants us access to a much broader perspective, a greater understanding of our role and place in life, increase our quality of connection with others and our ability to relax and trust in life.

Level 1

Focus is on our earliest formative period. We influence the origins of our emotional patterns by creating new, positive, reference points in the nervous system, thus creating access to a greater variety of positive experiences in life by freeing ourselves from unconscious imprints. We activate the power of our 'inner elder', the source of practical guidance in our daily life.

Level 2

Focus is on neutralizing the negative experiences from childhood, which resulted in counterproductive coping strategies (addictions, victim mentality, self-sabotage, procrastination, control issues, etc). We balance the three parts of the brain responsible for thinking, feeling and physiology. By raising our awareness about the dynamic between them, we transform our outdated attitude and bad habits.

Level 3 & 4

Focus is on adolescence and early adulthood. We alter the impact negative experiences had on our identity, sense of purpose, relationships and ability to succeed in life. We gain access to our own untapped reserves of creativity and abilities; we anchor a fuller sense of who we are and what is important to us.                 

Level 5

This is the culmination point, completing the process of re-imprinting. It builds upon the cumulative volume of the previous levels and opens the new historical and cosmic dimension in our sense of Self. Level 5 is also the first certification requirement for becoming a Birth Into Being Facilitator, which enables one to lead Level 1 and 2 workshops, and 101 sessions, as well as assist at other Birth Into Being events to gain more experience.


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