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The Alchemy of Living; Yoga, Ayurveda and Transformation


Imagine you were given a week in which all the layers of yourself- body, mind, emotions and spirit, were nourished and taken care of. A retreat where you were given knowledge and practical tools to carry on back into your daily life.

The Alchemy of Living Retreat offers the space to rest, cleanse, and energize on all levels. We are creating for you a rich and tranquil environment for learning, relaxation, and transformation. You will emerge nourished and replenished knowing how to integrate this wisdom into your life

During the Alchemy of living you will immerse in daily yoga, deep relaxation and meditation sessions (Suitable for all levels, no previous experience needed).  Integrating the ancient teachings of Ayurveda for harmony and well-being, you will receive practical guidelines for a healthy daily ROUTINE, DIET and DETOX to illuminate your entire being.

 We will also be weaving in transformational work using guided visualizations, group process, movement, cacao ceremony, and much more… 


The Yoga & Meditation practices will facilitate:

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- Cultivating the fundamental principles of awareness, concentration and relaxation

- Expanding the Consciousness and liberating the Creative dormant energy

- Aligning the Body-Mind-Spirit

- Balancing the nervous and hormonal systems

- Self-healing and mind balance


The Ayurvedic teachings will explore:

- Ayurveda & Yoga philosophy, Cosmology and Psychology

- Overview of the different body-mind archetypes  

- Ayurveda's approach to health & well-being

- Life style, food and medicine in Ayurvedic thought

- Daily routine guidelines according to constitution and season

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The pillars of life according to Ayurveda-

- Ayurveda's approach to proper digestion- how to kindle the inner fire (boosting metabolism)

- Ayurvedic Diet- The potency and post digestion effect of the six tastes

 - Home detox & rejuvenation practices 

- Recognizing imbalances- Diagnostic tools: pulse, body and face

- Yoga & Meditation in the light of Ayurveda

- Integration of knowledge and skills


The transformational work will include:

-        Understanding your mind better

-        Practical ways to handle your thoughts and emotions in your day to day life

-        Connecting with your inner child and awakening your inner elder

-        Communicating with the body

-        Cleansing subconscious materials from the cells and encoding new information and possibilities

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Retreat Offerings

Yoga  -  Meditation  -  Yoga Nidra/ Deep relaxation  -  Ayurveda  -  Cacao ceremony  -  Temazcal  -  Movement and dance  -  Group process  -  Guided visualization  -  Birth into being  -  Breath work  -  Delicious healthy meals


Your Facilitators

Eran Dolev

Eran  is a well-trained and experienced practitioner of Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation, combining in his therapy a vast knowledge to promote your healing and well-being.

Gaining years of training, practice and experience in India, Australia and Israel, he brings a holistic and integral approach.

Certified by IAA- International Ayurveda Association, Tel-Aviv University & Satyananda Yoga Academy.


Batya Goller

Batya has had a private practice as a therapist for over a decade and has worked with groups and individuals all around the world. Combining the teachings of eastern and western psychology, the theory of Neo –Humanology, and many years of self-inquiry and healing.

M.A. in Social Work, Neo- Humanology therapist, Birth into being facilitator



US$700* Shared accommodation rate, inclusive of retreat offerings and three vegetarian meals daily, and free shuttle from Antigua the morning of Feb 23!


More Information & Registration

Contact Batya by emailing

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