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Help & Heal Retreat

Help & Heal Retreat

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When was the last time you set your bare feet on the earth in new surroundings and walked in nature, formed close connections with others, and made art and inspiring movement for a whole week without your phone dictating your daily focus? Help and Heal Retreat is calling and wants your full attention for this week of pivotal transformation! This retreat focuses on empowerment and healing as we take our group back to a state of primal femininity. By spending a week in a calm, naturalistic setting away from distractions, we will learn to release old patterns and redefine our path towards powerful ideals, lifestyles, and practices that better serve us! We will learn how to infuse the Goddess archetype into our daily lives with practices that can easily be taken home to continue this valuable self work. 

This retreat week will fluctuate between active day and mellow days to harmonize with our energy levels. On our active days we will hike, swim, paddle board, and visit beaches and hot springs in order to interact with our surroundings. Days onsite at the Forest, we will gather and take our medicine in the form of connection, alignment, and balance through healing practices of discussions and lectures laced with mythology and inspiration, supportive and cathartic women’s circles, grounding daily Yoga and meditation, challenging aerial silk lessons, and hot sauna steam baths to relax in after.

With Sagittarius as both their sun signs, instructors and teachers Sarah Parnell and Patricia Sainz De Rozas have spent most of their adult lives with nomadic tendencies. Through leisure travel, Yoga certifications, and hosting retreats worldwide, they understand the inherent value of learning from the beautiful world around them!


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Patricia first came in touch with Yoga when she moved from Spain to the mountains of Northern California at the age of 18 pursuing her passion for nature and outdoor sports. After she felt in love with the practice, she decided to travel to the birthplace of yoga to dip deeper into this ancient science. She attended yoga courses in Rishikesh as well as The International Yoga Festival, and got her 200 hour Certification from a yogi in Kerala. Since then, she has traveled and lived in many different continents, always learning and practicing with other gurus the joy of oneness and spreading the magic of yoga. She teaches Yoga as a way of introspection to connect with the divine soul and find bliss within. She is also studying other holistic healing practices as nutrition and therapeutic massage. Patricia joined Goddess of the Elements as a co-host to share her passion for yoga, aerial silks, traveling, and the connection to nature, as well as helping other woman heal and go on with a healthier, empowered and inspired journey. 

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Sarah Parnell created the Goddess of the Elements Retreat in 2017, with the idea of sharing her life’s inspiration for better living through the metaphors of Mother Nature, healing and grounding practices, and her relentless zest for adventure and the amount of inspiration her life has gained from it. She first stretched her wings full of wanderlust right after finishing her Psychology degree in Lake Tahoe CA., after she booked a one-way ticket to curiously wander 26 different countries on the European continent in 11 months. She feels more at home on the road, and is most often found hiking, swimming, teaching Yoga, or playing or performing on her silks or lyra. She received her 200 HR Yoga teaching certificate in 2016, completed two Aerial silks teaching certificates in 2017, and has experience hosting, facilitating, and teaching at retreats, lessons, and workshops in her home country and internationally. The Big Island of Hawaii is her current playground, but she is driven to explore South America, Indonesia and India in the next year, as well as take her retreats to some of the most beautiful parts of Europe in the summer of 2019.

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