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Illumination and Vibration: Yoga and Sound Retreat


Come heed the call of the mystic forest and join this unique yoga & sound retreat to help you center yourself in your true nature. Through yoga, meditation, music, and play, we’ll be cultivating the complementary forces of steadiness and ease, Shiva and Shakti, groundedness and spaciousness, presence and energy, illumination and vibration.

On the Illumination front, Ekat will be leading daily yoga, meditation, and yogic teachings. And on the Vibration front, Ege will offer live world music and shamanic sound healing. You can also sign up for individual sessions that will include some bodywork and bio-tuning to help you to dive deeper into you vibrational journey.


Please note that between morning and early evening practice sessions there will be plenty of time for you to follow your own heart where it leads you -- whether that’s to reading and napping or adventuring out into the wild with new friends.


Retreat offerings:

Vinyasa Yoga  -  Live Music - Meditation  -  Yoga Nidra/Deep Relaxation  -  Sound Healing  -  Hiking - Local Adventures - Group Sauna - Delicious Healthy Meals



The cost of this retreat is $1200 and includes accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals per day. Please email Ekat at to sign up.



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Ekaterina (Ekat) Petrova

Ekat is a vinyasa yoga teacher, Tantrika, and life coach from San Francisco, California. She offers a slow and strong vinyasa flow with creative sequencing and clear cues. Her teaching is dynamic and soulful. Each class is grounded and expansive, a steady moving meditation.

To learn more about Ekat and read her blog, visit



Egemen (Ege) Sanli

Ege is a modern dervish traveling to find his own voice within world music, carrying the flag of his Turkish roots as a musician. Ege plays the sitar alongside other world instruments (saz, hang and handpan drums, banjo, flutes, and more) and is able to bring out the mystic and invigorating qualities of all.

To learn more about Ege and preview his music, visit