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Ignite Your Play Yoga Retreat

Join Julianne, Jessie, and Jody in the heart of Guatemala and turn your world into a playground! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Yoga Forest and stoke the flame of your divine play. Through daily journaling, meditation and asana practice, you’ll explore ways to reconnect with your inner child and discover true freedom of expression. Group workshops will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity to hold the space for one another, both physically and spiritually. Inspire wonder in your heart as we hike to the tops of volcanoes, trek to waterfalls, take part in Karma yoga service projects and breathe in this breathtaking country both on and off the mat. Come adventure boldly and ignite your play!

We’re proud to offer an all-inclusive package so that you can put both your phone and wallet away for the entirety of this experience and soak up every bit of magic that exists around you.

All inclusive price includes:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights

  • 3 Meals per day

  • All group activities/ excursions

  • Airport transportation

  • 2 yoga classes a day

  • 3 vegetarian meals a day

  • Hike to Volca San Pedro

  • Hike to Tzununa Waterfall

  • Ayurveda workshops

  • Thai Massage workshop

  • Acro Yoga workshop

  • Daily Meditation with Jody Potter

  • Daily Journaling

  • Karma Yoga Project - Planting Tul in Lake Atitlan

  • Inversion Workshop



 fully inclusive rates start at $1,500 for shared accommodations!

Contact Jessie via email at for more information!



Julianne Byun

Julianne is a movement explorer. As a former professional dancer, Julianne fell in love with moving the physical body through space early on at the age of 5. Julianne landed on her mat for the first time while studying at the University of Miami and professionally dancing for the Miami Heat back in 2012. She was instantly hooked, not only by the intense physical challenge her yoga practice brought her, but the space that it created in her mind, the control that it inspired in her breath and the peace that it brought to her heart.

Julianne completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training with Bala Vinyasa Yoga (now greenmonkey® Yoga) back in 2013 and completed her second 200-hour teacher training with Jason Lawner and Carlos Tao in the Fluidus Method in 2017. She is currently an E-RYT200 teacher and a part of greenmonkey®’s Teacher Training Faculty helping to certify new teachers. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication, Psychology and a minor in Exercise Physiology, Julianne combined all of her passions into this sacred practice. Julianne uses fluid movement and attention to alignment to heal, strengthen and open you. 

Julianne loves yoga because it allows her to see the ordinary as extraordinary, to take note of the beauty that surrounds her and to connect deeply with her breath and all those she meets. It’s through her practice she is able to truly dial in and experience the magic that exists within each and every moment and each and every person.

Jessie Potter 


After graduating from Elon University in 2012, Jessie promptly moved to New York City where she completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training at Atmananda Yoga Sequence. Shortly after, she moved to Miami, where her expertise and honest personality have allowed her to quickly develop a core client group in Miami and New York. Jessie's combined passions of yoga and travel has guided her on the path of yoga retreat hosting! She's been lucky enough to host multiple retreats in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and the Adirondack Park, with the next one being in Guatemala at the Yoga Forest! 

Jessie founded Priti Yoga, a unique practice that combines her understanding of yoga, wellness, and healing therapies to create an approachable, personalized yoga flow. Jessie values awareness and poise in her personal practice and loves teaching students to integrate these qualities on and off the mat. She's recognized for her ability to administer warm, invigorating classes with emphasis on strength and grace. Whether she’s teaching an advanced inversion workshop or guiding new yogis through their very first class, she is always excited to share her knowledge and appreciates leaving students feeling empowered and inspired. Most importantly Jessie takes pride in practicing yoga off the mat, being genuine, and helping her students live their fullest life.

Jody Potter


Jody has been a student of life since her teens. Always a seeker, she explored meditation and dabbled in yoga as exercise, and eventually “discovered” yoga. In 2002, while attending an Iyengar class she had the realization that this was her new frontier. Little did she know how the journey of yoga would become a journey into life itself. Encompassing all her passions, the pulse of yoga allowed her to move deeper into the exploration of self on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally.   After a horse accident, she developed debilitating back issues, ones she is still working with.  With the desire to share the joy of movement with meditative awareness and how it heals and empowers, Jody decided to take her teacher training with Todd Norian , founder of Ashaya Yoga.  Ashaya is an alignment based yoga that invites in the practice of balance and flexibility while building strength. One leaves the class calm, focused, and inspired.

Her goal in teaching is to support people where they are, encourage them to do what they can, and to enrich their confidence on and off the mat.  This combination makes for happier lives.  When we are happy, all those around us are happier too. Life, enthusiasm and love are contagious. Let’s change the world!