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EnChanted: a Devotional Retreat & Celebration

EnChanted: a Devotional Retreat & Celebration

Join Patita Pavan Das (Hanuman Project) and Vijay Krsna (Kirtaniyas) for 5 Days of Devotion at the Yoga Forest, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 

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We are beyond excited to share Kirtan, Ecstatic Devotional Dance, Satsang, Yoga and Bhakti Culture, Cacao Ceremony and more with you. 

This ground-breaking offering is a unique chance to explore and deepen your relationship with Bhakti Yoga & Kirtan. We invite you to dive deep into your heart, express your joy whilst situated in the magical backdrop that is the Yoga Forest, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  

If you are ready to dive into your heart, singing and dancing your way home to the divine…. then this is the retreat for you! 


  1. Daily Kirtan programmes
  2. Dance and devotional workshops
  3. Kirtan musicality playshops
  4. Satsang and Bhakti wisdom
  5. Delicious and nourishing meals shared in community
  6. A magical retreat centre setting in Guatemala
  7. Cacao ceremonies to dive into the heart and release what no longer serves
  8. Yoga Classes designed to support our devotional journey

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for lovers of Kirtan, the path of devotion and Bhakti Yoga and anybody ready to explore a loving relationship with the divine. The programme will be designed to support a range of needs, such as:

Yoga Teachers: Deepen your own Bhakti practice and share with your own community.

Kirtan enthusiasts: Spend 5 days immersed and supported in this practice

Anybody curious about diving deeper into love: We will be singing, dancing, sharing and connecting as loving community.

About Us

Vijay Krsna is a kirtan singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and cultural adventurer from the UK. Leading the KIRTANIYAS, Vijay Krsna composes phenomenal hybrids of traditional Bengali, Braj and Sanskrit kīrtan and māntras with cross-cultural musical influences, subsonic bass and World-beat music. 



Internationally based KIRTANIYAS are a global collective of energetic, multitalented artists. These twenty-somethings grew up in a Vedic culture of song, dance, philosophy and devotion between ashrams and temples both in India and the western world. 

Joined together with musically gifted Sarasvati Dasi, soulful vocalist Rasika Dasi and producer Nitai Gaur Prem (Makhana), Vijay Krsna formed KIRTANIYAS in 2009. Members including Malini Taneja, Nakula Das, Jamuna Sheth and Atul Krsna have since travelled the World to over 20 countries infusing new life to these ancient chants with youthful spirit and energy. A full KIRTANIYAS presentation features up to seven of its members.

Besides the largely traditional approach to their acoustic sets, KIRTANIYAS now push the boundaries of genre to combine all of their passions into one new and unique sound. Melodious dance orientated "Worldbeat" music and subsonic bass meets the call and response singing of ancient Sanskrit mantras, accompanied by live acoustic instruments. This is where the boundaries between performers and audience become blurred, everybody is united in one voice and everybody becomes the band. 

The Hanuman Project (Patita Pavana Das)

Known for their highly accessible and deeply powerful Kirtan offerings, the Hanuman Project will sweep you up into a whirlwind of chant ecstasy and then plunge in a lake of devotional nectar.


Born from the Lake Atitlan devotional community in 2014, we are delighted to return ‘home’ for this very special retreat and celebration of love and life! 

The Hanuman Project is a Kirtan music adventure led by Patita Pavana Das. 

Travelling the world in a continuous global pilgrimage, this is a ever expanding global family of devotion. Holding an intention of authentic, curious and playful exploration of Bhakti Yoga, we explore traditional, contemporary and fusion styles, all of which is offered at the lotus feet of the divine.  

2018 see’s the Hanuman Project’s debut studio releases. A Kirtan e.p. as precursor to their full debut album ‘Thank You for Choosing This Reality’, and also ‘Semilla Pura’ an original medicine song for Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to be released in Resuneo records along with remixes.


Early Bird: 688 USD includes all programmes, workshops and practices, all meals, and shared accommodation. Early Bird Expires Friday September 21.

Full Price: 888 USD includes all programmes, workshops and practices, all meals, and shared accommodation.

We are limited to 20 spaces on site, so book now to avoid missing out. Please direct any queries or questions to