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Sing your Soul - Voice Medicine Retreat

'The voice is the bridge between our internal cosmos and the outer - it is the vehicle of translation, of how we express ourselves in the external world, it is the conduit of our being and to sing is a celebration of ourselves and of life. Come and join us for 7 days of exploring our creative selves through singing in the stunning mountains of Lake Atitlan. Using vocal techniques designed to ‘liberate’ the voice, we will explore harmony, improvisation, and the emotional blocks that we carry, to enable an emergence into your full, authentic and powerful voice. Within a safe and encouraging environment, you will learn the fundamentals of circle singing and whilst disconnecting from the outside world, instead tuning in to your internal, an exploration of your unique sound, and the cultivation of your inner song.

Singing together is a part of our ancestry - ' To create a harmonious vibration is the medicine of the future.' - Pythagoras

The connection we cultivate through song is a direct link to our deepest selves, it is a joyous practice that can release emotions and restore harmony, in a way only music can.

During this unique retreat we will :

Explore singing as meditation:

Use breath, sound and song to explore the meeting of mind, body and spirit.

The breath work required to develop and strengthen your voice is very similar to  Pranayama breathing.  We practice the same exercises that are used in Yoga, Tai chi,  Aikido or any of the other Chi-cultivating traditions. This both simultaneously relaxes and recharges the singer, moving energy, emotion and stimulating  the body and mind.  

Improve harmony skills:


Singing together in harmony gives us goose bumps, tingles, as we breathe together, we connect and communicate with each other in a way scientists liken to the communal, synchronized behavior of flocks of birds or shoals of fish. When we sing in harmony with each other, we release the same chemicals as we do when we make love !  Through fun games and diverse songs from around the world, we will deepen our exploration of harmony and the healing power of resonating together.

Develop improvisation skills and learn 'Circle Singing' in the style of Bobby Mcferrin :

Improvisation within music is to enter an altered state, the roots of which belong to shamanistic past. It is a tool that allows us to access the subconscious, to enter into the 'stream of consciousness', to stimulate our creativity, to release suppressed thoughts and feelings. It is a vehicle for working with ego and to practice the unspoken communication that we cultivate when singing and sounding as one. 

It is also so much fun to improvise as a group and allows us to create the 'song waiting  to be sung' ! in each unique moment.

Develop and strengthen your instrument:  

Your body is your instrument and your voice is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Using vocal techniques and breath work, we will explore the body as instrument,  the benefits of daily practice and how to strengthen and improve the voice.

Take part in a Temezcal/Traditional Mayan Sweat-lodge: 


Sacred & Ceremony Singing: The Soundtrack of Modern Ritual

Song, chant and prayer have traditionally accompanied sweat lodges, giving us a way of focusing our thoughts, our prayers and our intentions. Enjoy the experience of 'shedding skin' , the detoxification of body, mind and soul and an opportunity to leave behind that which no longer serves us. The Temezcal is a metaphor for the womb, as we enter into the darkness, guided by a rhythm, led by song,  we will  re-emerge out into the light of a new day.

Pricing :


All prices include: 7 nights accommodation, 3 daily gourmet vegetarian meals and tuition.

Does not include: Air travel, travel insurance or extra optional hikes/trips/therapies etc

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Lucy Sessions is a singer, recording artist and teacher. Lucy uses singing as a path to opening a direct connection with oneself and with the world around us. 

Passionately believing in our 'right to sing', her classes and workshops offer a supportive 'safe' environment for singers of all abilities to cultivate their unique sound and to explore themselves through creative play.

British born and trained, Lucy holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts and of Education and has spent the last 15 years working within this field. She has specialized in developing an approach to singing and voice work as a holistic and therapeutic practice. 

Having also trained in the 'Bobby Mcferrin' style of Circle singing, Lucy runs regular groups and designs and delivers courses and workshops internationally. She regularly performs with various bands and ensembles throughout the UK and across Central America.