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RYT-200 Kula Collective Bhakti Bliss Yoga Teacher Training

If you would like to start teaching Yoga with a Yoga Alliance Certification, or if you are looking to deepen your practice, then our RYT-200 program will give you just what you need. The RYS-200 program is Yoga Alliance certified through Kula Collective, for students of all levels, is a unique and powerful journey; offering guidance, clarity and empowerment, and for many becomes a life-changing, transformational experience.

Within each of us lies a guru, a wise one who knows the truth behind each of our thoughts, words, and actions, an ancient soul that sees through to the essence of all things and knows all there is to be known. Through our RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training we will help reveal the voice of this wise one, giving you the tools and language you need to share the spiritual practice of yoga and empowering you to trust in the channel of truth you carry.

Please see our RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training page for more details and registration!