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A Dance between Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Voice

A inspiring proposal to nourishing your body, mind and spirit and dropping naturally into a space of silence and meditation. We will begin inhabiting the body through a gentle Hatha Yoga and continue traveling "inward" through Active Meditations, Voice and Silence. Giving special attention to connect with the inner cave of our heart. Discovering our own voice thought spontaneity and sound exploration. The Osho Active Meditations and others authors start from the body, moves through the heart, to reach the mind and go beyond it.

Everybody welcome! No experience is required!

Workshop Schedule

Saturday 9th May
Morning from 9:30 until 1pm
Lunch break  1pm- to 2:30pm
Afternoon from 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Sunday 10th May
Morning from 9:30 until 1:00pm
Lunch break 1pm- to 2:30pm

Cost: Q500/US$65 for workshop only, accommodation to be arranged separately. Please make your booking online to stay at The Yoga Forest here

About the Facilitators


The practice of Hatha Yoga has accompanied me during the last two decades of my life. The beginnings were during the time of the university because of a sore back, which I'm very grateful, because thanks to it I discovered YOGA and from then on, my way to walk the world changed, my backaches dissolved and started to connect with my inner world. Since I graduated in 1994 at the University of Economic Sciences of Valencia (Spain) and started traveling, yoga has been the best and healthiest traveling companion! The Yoga Studio Luisa Ramón where I practiced for years, was a great source of inspiration in my understanding and sharing Yoga. In 2005 I started training with IYTA Yoga (International Yoga Teachers Association) in Barcelona with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate on the subject of meditation during my last 4 years in Spain. In 2010 I made the formation of Therapeutic Yoga with the center Sadhana in Valencia. Other teachers who have nurtured me, with whom I have been conducting various seminars Babakar Khane (Egyptian Yoga) and Margot Paccaud (Switzerland). Alongside the practice of Yoga, I have been training for many years with the creators of ARUN Conscious Touch and have had the opportunity to experience a different level, the benefits of conscious and meditative touch, facilitating and promoting me relaxation, flexibility, inner vitality and the expansion of consciousness. My gratitude to all that has enriched and contributed to my daily life is immense. In recent years, I am dedicated to sharing regular classes and workshops of Yoga, Meditation and the Art of Essential Touch. I currently live in Ecuador where I am taking the opportunity to bond with organic farming and Permaculture, having become one of my greatest passions along with music, dance, conscious movement, work with sound and nutrition.

Mariana Rodríguez – Singer and Art-Therapist

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I was born in Mexico City and I started singing when I was a child with my father and his guitar. I remember that I always felt a very special connection with my voice. Then, through the years, music became my best company, I just wanted to sing and dance in my own little world! At 17 years old, I met Hebe Rosell (music-therapist and singer), a wonderful woman who helped me to discover and develop my voice. She taught me her particular method based in the conscience, the chakras energy, the body expression, the emotions and the experimental sounds. She called it “the real voice”. Hebe was my teacher for 8 years, and in the last years I did also help her teaching. Now we are a very good friends and I still consider her my principal voice mentor. At 25 years I decided to move Italy and study music at the “Scuola Civica di Jazz di Milano”. It was a very good experience which allowed me to know another way of life, new people and different ways to make and feel music. Afterwards, 3 years ago I went to Spain with my partner to start a new life in Valencia, where I met Diana Domingo (yoga professor) and we designed and conducted a series of weekly workshops named the “Alchemy of Sound”. It was a great experience full of gifts and a source of learning. The Alchemy of Sound was very successful and lasted 3 years, as it was carried out in a number of centers of Valencia as well as in other locations, including abroad. In particular, the last summer it was selected to participate in the Acroyoga meets Alchemy of Sound” Festival, held in Samothraki, Greece. At 2012 I also enrolled in a Master course on “Expressive Therapies” at the Iase Institute of Valencia. At present I reside in Guatemala City where I conduct two weekly workshops in “Voice Expressive” and “Art-therapy” respectively.     







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