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Sacred Tantra Yoga Retreat with Gaia (Inan Ita, Ometepe, Nicaragua)

January 2-5, 2014 Sacred Tantra Yoga Retreat with Gaia (Inan Ita, Ometepe, Nicaragua)

World-renowned instructor, Gaia, will offer an intensive Tantra Yoga retreat grounded in sacred sexuality. This retreat will awaken the natural feminine spirituality in women as well as men. Gaia is the leader of Inan Ita, an earth-based spiritual community located by the ancestral waters of Ometepe in Nicaragua.
Gaia is an internationally respected workshop facilitator. She has lead Tantra workshops internationally since 2004.  Her experiential study of Tantra began in 1987 while completing a degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies at NYU. Gaia has completed intensive courses of  study in Osho Therapy, Tantra, Yoga, meditation, dance and movement, body and breath based counseling therapy as well as Shamanic Healing. Gaia is the founder of GaiaGasm, a school of embodied spiritual awakening and the co-founder of InanItah, an evolutionary living and learning center located on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua.

Please contact for bookings and inquiries for the Sacred Tantra Yoga Retreat.