In order for us to work toward our vision - The Yoga Forest models conscious living in community as a spiritual practice, offering a unique retreat space for learning and personal growth - we ask that we all observe the following guidelines;


Whether visiting, living, or working at The Yoga Forest, I agree to adhere to these principles and practices while I am a member of the forest community.

1.         Striving to display unconditional love in all aspects of life.

2.         Engaging in conscious communication with all brothers and sisters.

3.         Offering mutual support and respect for each other’s individual paths and self-expression

4.         Embracing the principles of Permaculture as a way of life.

5.         Continually refining one’s self-awareness, both internally and externally.

6.         Practicing mindfulness and responsibility for our own thoughts, words and deeds.

7.         Incorporating the Yamas (external disciplines) and Niyamas (internal disciplines) of yoga in our daily lives.

8.         Cultivating an environment oriented to spiritual practice, maintaining a retreat space; respecting silence and privacy for all seekers.

9.         Maintain honesty and integrity to ourselves and others.

10.   Respect for The Yoga Forest vision, practices, culture and family.