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The philosophy of Rock Climbing and Yoga is surprisingly similar. Rock Climbing is often described as the unification of breath, concentration, and the intuitive movement of the body in a flow state. The main challenge is to overcome sometimes cryptic sequences of rock by attuning our self to the challenges at hand.

The Yoga Forest’s unique location perched above and below cliffs feature an amazing opportunity for climbing enthusiasts

What first might seem utterly impossible is mostly due to our barriers of perception. If we manage to calm the breath and stay observant, we are able to tap into our inner power and cleverness to make the impossible possible. Hence, Rock Climbing is not only a tool to deepen our connection to nature but also to help us make conscious decisions, and overcome our fears. In short, Rock Climbing is the exploration of the Self.

In order to facilitate the most beautiful and diverse experience for beginners and experts alike, we have a wonderful diversity of routes, from beginner to advanced climber. To guarantee your safety you will be guided by one of our highly trained instructors who can help and instruct you through different forms and skill levels of climbing.


So what are you waiting for? Chalk up and let’s go!

Climbing Packages



2h Introduction min. 3ppl (all gear provided) - Q250 each

Half day climbing min. 2ppl (all gear provided) - Q400 each

Half day climbing over 4ppl (all gear provided) - Q250 each

Half day private lesson (all gear provided) - Q500 each

Full day package with SUP and Rock Climbing, min 2ppl Q600 each


Email info@theyogaforest.org or venga.atitlan@gmail.com

Call +502 5891 0304

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All rock climbing participants must sign a liability waiver