Find the flower path...

Find the flower path.
Flowers painted onto the stones will lead you home.
Yes, they will lead you home.

I left Guatemala City at 545am this morning taking an eclectic collection of chicken buses to bring me here to San Marcos La Laguna. A gorgeous little paradise perched on the shores of Lake Atitlan with quaint little shops, beautiful homemade souvenirs and cute cafes.

Finding the path was not as easy as I had hoped, but such is life.
Trust that when you are ready for the journey, the path will always reveal itself to you.

So I walked around, carrying all the weight of what I thought I needed, sweating, looking in all directions for the flowers painted onto the rocks, I got a little excited, it kind of felt like a scavenger hunt.

I asked several people where the flower path was, or where The Yoga Forest was. My spanish is still not very great so there were a lot of signals, actions, motions and sign language involved in my request.
The best directions that I received were from a lovely little local woman who said "Yoga Forest very far” then pointed a finger up towards the sky.

Well, that much is clear, but from the feeling in my heart I can tell it is not too far at all.

Far is a matter of opinion, and considering I came from Canada to Panama City plus over 2,500kms of land travel just to get here, I am really unconcerned about how high up the mountain I have to walk.

I navigate my way through little stone pathways, in between narrow fences with eyes glued to the ground looking for painted flowers.

I walk
and walk.
and wait, Ive been here before.
I change directions.
I walk in back alleys
I feel my cheeks hot - I stand out like a sore thumb
I chant a big Om
I stop and look to the sky
and bring my gaze back to the earth
and there they are.
I am so excited to see them.
little pink flowers on a rock.
Im ready.

I feel like a child with my backpack
excited for the first day of school.

I walk the path higher and higher
my breath gets deeper and deeper
I meet a couple dogs
I stub a couple toes
and before I know it Im here.

I made it.
My new home is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

The view is strikingly similar to the view from my very first yoga adventure over 5 years ago.

What a gift to be in this place for a whole month.
I am glad to be off the busy roads
I am grateful to be out of the hostel scene
I am so present with this community of talented, creative and inspired individuals.
I am inspired to see how living here nourishes my growth.

Night one and the songs are flowing.
Saraswati Goddesses singing and playing guitar.
Guitars and drums and so much goodness everywhere.

Im ready.

Dear universe,
Thank you for listening when I asked for more music and songs in my life.
Thank you for keeping me safe as I navigate a new land alone.
Thank you for this space and this time to recharge and reinspire.
Thank you for a community that shines brighter than I have ever seen.



Rachel Barrett
International Yoga Teacher - Writer - Songbird - Personal Trainer - Mala Maker
Twitter: @luminousandwild
Instagram: @luminousandwild