Ecstatic Motion

The new moon appears, and hence, the new lunar cycle at The Yoga Forest begins. Permaculture interns will arrive, huffing and heaving up the steep stairs by the idyllic little waterfall that gushes clear water down the mountain.

Yoga interns will arrive, puffing and panting (and perhaps wishing they’d done even more yoga before arriving) their way into the open communal space.

New teachers, new students, same space, different energy.

A fresh season for growth and community. A new group of beautiful people arriving from all over the world to create a new month of beautiful community.

Knowing that I won’t be a part of this coming community is a wee bit heartbreaking for me — but I’m tremendously thankful for every moment of community I’ve been lucky enough to experience in this breathtaking place.

I leave The Yoga Forest tomorrow morning after breakfast (a breakfast I will miss profoundly. I’ve never been blessed with so much papaya and peanut butter in my life) to continue my journey north towards San Cristobal de las Casas.

To feel closure and peace about packing my bags and moving on, I’m taking the time now to consider the highlights of this experience (other than the papaya and peanut butter). The people. I can’t emphasize enough how much I’ve loved the people who’ve touched my life here or how much I’m going to miss them. I’ve made friends during the past month with whom I’ve experienced remarkably deep, loving , supportive connections. Not a day has passed without an intimate conversation or a devotional Bhakti gathering

Not a day has passed without me getting to learn something delightful or intriguing about a different language or culture.

For instance. Fladermuus. Fladermuus means bat in Swiss German. Fladermuus. It’s one of my new favorite words and I say it frequently and with great enthusiasm.

2) The kittens. Enough said.

3) Embracing yin yoga and yang yoga. Never before have I been in a situation wherein I’ve begun the day with yang and ended the afternoon with yin. And I’ve never felt quite so balanced in my body. For the last few years, my life has very much operated in the world of extremes. In fact, I’d say that I’ve been operating about 100 percent full-blown yang. And the daily interplay of

yin and yang asana practice has helped me discover my imbalance and to actively pursue more restoration and relaxation in my life.

4) Being able to share acro yoga and thai massage with guests and being able to learn a bit about silks. Something so exciting about living in this sort of space is that just about everyone who comes here has something fantastic that they’re enthusiastic to share. This is a place where we share our gifts and we keep ourselves open, receptive, grateful to receive the gifts of others.

5) Waking up every morning seeing this:


Change is always hard. Moving away from The Yoga Forest is a change I’m not exactly looking forward to, but it’s part of learning how to let go and flow with life. Now is the time to take the lessons I’ve learned in community, leadership and balance and to bring them with me to San Cristobal de las Casas.

And because I adore quotes ever so much, I’m going to close my final blog post for The Yoga Forest with two quotes on change.

You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
The way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~Alan Watts

Blog post by Aimee Bourget