Spanish Classes for our Community!!

We are pleased to announce that while Sara (or Sarita) is here at the Forest she will be offering Spanish classes to our interns, guests, and community members. Sara is a native of the southwestern state of New Mexico, an enchanted land deeply influenced by its neighbors from the south. She decided early on that although her skin and hair were light in color, there was really a Latina deep inside her that wanted to be set free! Sara has lived, studied and worked in Spain, Central and South America, and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies, and loves to share her passions for this part of the world with the people around her. Sara's classes are practical, lighthearted and fun and can be tailor-made depending on her students level and subject interests. The great thing about having your teacher living in community with you, is that she's always there to practice, pick her brain, and play with the new phrases and language skills you are acquiring.  On top of all that, if you're keen on learning some new dance moves, ask her to show you some Salsa or Cumbia steps and you can take your new skills out on the town for a night of fun conversation and fresh moves with locals and travelers alike.