RYT200 Yoga Teacher Trainings with Kula Collective 

- Elemental Flow - 

Foundation of Yoga - Asana - Pranayama - Meditation - 8 Limbs of Ashtanga - Anatomy & Physiology - Asana Analysis & Assisting  - Kula Flows & Creative Sequencing - Teaching Methodology - Holistic Cleansing - Yoga Philosophy -Tantra - Shamanism - Chakras - Satsang - Kirtan - Ceremony -Bhakti Bliss - the Yoga of Devotion - Sound Healing - Nada Yoga - Yoga Nidra

Immerse yourself in the magic of the forest as we uncover our true teacher, embracing incredible natural beauty and the power of the elements, allowing us to access the deep wisdom within.

Step into strength and authenticity while living in harmony and community with the earth. Learn to teach yoga and live in a more meaningful way with Spirit, finding connection and expression through the heart. During this journey, you will deepen your personal practice and learn the skills to holistically share the vast wisdom of the yogic tradition and conscious living practices, finding your authentic voice and wisdom as a teacher. 

Give yourself permission to let your heart shine as we dive into our theme: Bhakti Bliss. In this beautiful Yoga we unfurl our voice with devotional singing, chanting and the journey into Nada Yoga (Sacred Sound & Deep Listening). Realize your inner stillness and access the wisdom that resides deep in your heart and soul. 

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Within each of us lies a guru, a wise one who knows the truth behind each of our thoughts, words, and actions, an ancient soul that sees through to the essence of all things and knows all there is to be known. Through our RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Programs we will help reveal the voice of this wise one, giving you the tools and language you need to share the spiritual practice of yoga and empowering you to trust in the channel of truth you carry.

If you would like to start teaching Yoga with a Yoga Alliance Certification, or if you are looking to deepen your practice, then our RYT-200 program will give you just what you need. The RYS-200 program is Yoga Alliance certified through Kula Collective, for students of all levels, is a unique and powerful journey; offering guidance, clarity and empowerment, and for many becomes a life-changing, transformational experience.


All of our YTT's are holistic programs; to understand Yoga you must first understand Self... body, mind, and spirit. The Chakana, or Andean Cross, acts as the guide and foundational structure for the course. The Chakana encompasses a lower world, middle world, and upper world and within each world we will focus on different types of movement, diet, and meditation. We bring to life the ancient teachings of Yoga through accessible spiritual lessons, a solid foundation in Yogic philosophy, and a daily Yoga practice, called The Kula Flow.

Every day our teachings will flow through each of the four following arts...

Art of Teaching

Sharing yoga is a process of intimacy; one that asks for deep movement within both giver and receiver: through love, authenticity, attention and connection.  There are many ways in which yoga can be shared, but here at Kula Collective we believe that the fundamental principle that links all of our yoga teaching is Connection; the concept that in order to truly help another being to find oneness, we must ourselves be a channel to that oneness for our students.

As sharers of yoga, we must eventually be able to abandon ourselves to the infinite creative flow that comes through us.  This of course, takes time, patience and a lot of learning.  The question is, how do we become comfortable enough with ourselves and with what we are sharing to be able to fully let go to this connection as we are teaching?  One way is to ensure we have a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding to give us the tools we need for our Art to be boundaryless.

At our RYT-200 level training, our focus is on giving you the best foundational understanding of yoga possible in the time available.  In asana, this means emphasis on correct alignment, muscular engagement and breathing.  We will share with you our Kula Flow, a dynamic, slow Vinyasa sequence that is highly adaptable and contains many of the building blocks you will need to make your own sequences, as well our our Kula Signature Sequences, as you begin to understand balanced sequencing. Students in your class will benefit from our extra focus on anatomical alignment within asana, as well as our step-by-step guide to physical and energetic Thai massage-based adjustments.

When we share yoga we are sharing an experience that is largely personal and internal, so it’s important to us that all our participants understand what it is to hold sacred space, how to empower through our communication, and how to allow space for all experiences to unfold within the safe, energetic container you will learn how to create.  

Not only will you leave the training with many new sequences under your belt, but also the tools and the confidence you need to creatively expand into something new and personal to you, and the empowerment you need to trust in the connection that is already present within.

Art of Healing

When we step into the role of Yoga Teacher, we are not simply sharing a physical practice to keep people fit - we are sharing a holistic practice that helps people to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.  And through sharing yoga as a holistic practice of living, we are allowing ourselves as a whole to connect to our true nature, as spiritual beings. 

As yoga teachers and practitioners we must know what it means to ‘hold space’, know what it is to give ourselves in ceremony, to surrender to a higher power.  As yoga teachers we must understand the subtleties of the body and how it interacts with the mind through our energetic anatomy, and we have an opportunity to share our yoga in a way that truly can heal, from the inside out.  

The Kula Yoga Collective RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training gives the opportunity for deep self-healing through personal discovery practices, group exercises, intentional discussion and Sacred Ceremony.  Our training also offers a wide selection of teachings on complementary health practices, including but not limited to:  Ayurveda, nutrition, massage, Thai massage, energetic healing, Tai Chi, Chakra cleansing, herbal healing, and the Yogic diet.  

As Yoga Teachers we are living examples of unity - of true, whole vitality.   Through experiencing the transformation firsthand we are better able to share it with others.  Through clearing away the parts of us that are no longer in alignment with our true nature, we create space for the truth to be channelled through us.  Thus the Art of Healing component of our curriculum allows us to reveal our wisest Self, and to unveil our true calling as healing practitioners and as sharers of an ancient wellness practice.


Art of Living

How can I live better, slower, with more authenticity?  How can we live more deeply in nature, and more connected to spirit. Why do we do what we do? What are the thoughts that I think?  How much more deeply can we inhabit our experience? And, underneath all of the thoughts and questions and memories, Who Am I?

There is an art to living well… to living fully, as fully as we can.  Philosophers through the ages have speculated on the big questions, and Yoga is just one of infinite pathways to the truth.  If you have come to Yoga, chances are you will have asked yourself these questions.  As we come together in our group training, we explore these and many more, through examining both our own understanding of the Art of Living and that of the ancient sages.  

Through study of the Yoga Sutras, modern yoga’s foundational text, as well as the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, we better come to understand the true nature of the self and our place in the world.  And through our discussion as a group, we together uncover what it is to make an art out of living.

How can we share our Yoga with the world?  Through living it, of course...


Art of Practice

The Art of Practice is the true Yoga - for no matter how much we study, “an ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory” Swami Sivananda Saraswati - Sadhana Tattwa (Spiritual Instructions)

It is through the experience of yoga that we understand the infinite nature of our being, where we reach beyond the boundaries of our individual lives and individual experience and touch the unity that is Yoga.  

The Kula Collective RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training places emphasis on the experiential face of yoga by living our practice as a group - beginning and ending each day with a form of meditation and daily connection to our asana and pranayama.  

Each morning we wake in silence to meditate as the sun rises, flowing into our internal experience of pranayama and the Kula Flow - our unique sequence.  As we continue to expand through our teaching, we creatively work with this flow and feel what it is to open up our boundaries, as we guide you into deepening your personal practice through Meditation, Pranayama and Asana.  

Outside of the studio we follow the yogic, vegetarian diet, which purifies our practice from the inside out.  We eat our meals with reverence and we open and close our space with Om, the Universal Sound. We meditate as we breathe, walk, dance and laugh our way through our experience and we allow our practice to be a ceremony each time.

We live this practice.  And in doing so we do not just learn to share yoga.. we embody yoga.


Our Kula Collective Lead Facilitators

Together, our Kula team has taught over 100 trainings worldwide, and are always honored to be coming together to share the 200hr YTT offering at The Yoga Forest.

 Surya Randi Schiffman - Full Bio

Randi is the founder of SuryaFlow: The Art of Sacred Movement, a philosophy that unites ancient practices with breath awareness to bring about joyful living. It encourages tapping into your natural rhythm to create harmony and balance and ultimately results in an awakening to the knowledge that we are all rays of light; unique extensions of the sun. Randi has the power to make authentic connections with others and is inspired to bring union of mind, body, and heart to all who are ready to heal wholesomely and holistically. She continues to be a witness to her own transformation and is inspired to help facilitate this healing for others. She is playful and light hearted, yet grounded in discipline.

Jessi Luna - Full Bio

In 2009 Jessi founded JUSTA, a holistic network that connects Guatemalan indigenous artisans, global designers, and projects that promote self-sustaining development, creative expression, and holistic empowerment within family and community. Jessi and her partner Zach, are also in the process of creating a Holistic Retreat Center, Seven Springs, in her mountain home of East Tennessee. Seven Springs is a place of natural abundance and cultural diversity where people learn how to create holistic sustenance for themselves and their communities. The space seeks to provide an innovative and transformative space for local and global communities to experience high quality holistic education. Retreats offered vary from yoga, massage, natural medicines and foods, creativity, social innovation, team-building, eco-building and Permaculture.

Jiya Julia Randall - Full Bio

Jiya is a deeply connected leader who roots her teaching in the healing energy of nature.  Her teaching invites students to explore their own, unique unfolding, through profound awareness and trust in the wisdom of the Self.  Through her studies with teachers and shamans across the world, Jiya has developed a powerful sense of energetic connection and a strong set of philosophical and intuitive teachings, which she shares through creative hatha and yin yoga, sacred fire and medicine ceremonies, and healing therapies.  Jiya is also a talented musician and sound healer, who seeks out native chants and medicine songs from around the world to complement her work.

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Cancellation Policy for Yoga Forest Room & Board for Yoga Teacher Trainings;

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